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    16 TV Plots That Deserve An "A" In Buildup And Potential, But A "D" In Execution

    Gossip Girl really told us that Dan and Serena shared a secret half-brother and had Lily and Rufus spend several episodes trying to track him down, only for us to meet this guy ONCE and then just never hear of his existence ever again.

    🚨 Warning: Spoilers ahead, including for House of The Dragon Episode 6, and the endings of Defending Jacob and Cruel Summer!!! πŸš¨

    Heads up: Some of the following grooming, miscarriages, and gun violence.

    1. First, on The O.C., when Marissa began dating Alex (hey, Olivia Wilde!) and moved in with her. It seemed like a pretty major deal, but then they broke up only a couple of episodes later.

    Marissa and Alex sharing a kiss on the beach

    Not only was the relationship abruptly cut off, but Alex also just skipped town and disappeared forever after the breakup, despite having been a pretty important character for most of Season 2. Additionally, the subject of Marissa's sexuality was disappointingly never brought up again.

    Marissa and Alex breaking up on the beach

    2. On House of the Dragon, when it seemed like we were going to get to see Daemon and Laena's relationship, but then the show essentially skipped over their romance with the time jump.

    two of the characters closely talking to each other

    The show also strangely made it seem like Daemon wasn't really in love with Laena and merely settled for their marriage, despite him loving her deeply in the books. Her character's death was sadly expected (although the way it plays out also differs from the books), but the execution of the relationship was just...lacking to me. Laena deserved better!

    Leana telling Daemon that she's probably not the wife he wanted

    3. On You, when Season 2 ended with Love revealing she was pregnant with Joe's child and the two of them subsequently getting married.

    Joe coming close to killing Love until she shouts that she's pregnant

    Their son, Henry, was born at the beginning of Season 3...

    the two characters with their baby

    ...but then the entire "Joe being a dad" storyline was basically dropped from the show altogether when he chose to give up Henry at the end of the season β€” after he, y'know, killed Love, faked his death, and decided to flee the country.

    Joe leaving the baby at a doorstep with a note

    4. On Euphoria, when Cassie suddenly began secretly hooking up with her best friend's abusive ex-boyfriend and acting out, only for it to all build up to...pretty much nothing.

    Cassie yelling at Nate and telling him that she's crazy and he should be scared

    I kept expecting everything to culminate in a reveal about why Cassie's behavior had changed so drastically over the course of the season, but there was really no explanation. I thought maybe they would finally have her open up about her abortion (which she seemed to have mixed feelings about) and break up with McKay, but nope. I felt like it was also a missed opportunity to dive even deeper into her issues with her father. I just wish there had been some larger character payoff with the whole Cassie/Nate storyline β€” all it really did, in the end, was derail her character.

    closeup of Cassie with a bloody nose and disheveled hair

    5. On Riverdale, when Betty and Archie had a brief affair while they were dating each other's best friends β€” Veronica and Jughead, respectively β€” and the impact it had on the friend group was never really explored.

    Archie telling Veronica at a dance that he kissed Betty

    Other than breaking up Archie and Veronica for a while, and being a big factor in Betty and Jughead's decision to split before college, the affair didn't seem to shift the core four's dynamic that much. I mean, they even all went to say goodbye to Archie together when he left for the army.

    veronica and archie telling each other they love each other

    I'm a die-hard Barchie shipper, but my biggest gripe with this storyline is that Betty and Veronica literally never directly discuss the affair, at least on screen. Even just one scene of them really talking about their feelings would have been enough to satisfy me, but it just bizarrely didn't happen. The closest we got was this.

    Betty telling Veronica that she was something to tell her and Veronica saying she already knows but can't be made

    6. On Pretty Little Liars, when Ezra dropped the bombshell that he had dated Alison before she went missing, and that he purposefully began seeing Aria and teaching at Rosewood because he was writing a book about Alison's disappearance...

    Ezra saying that he knew who the entire friend group was before meeting them

    ...but then Aria and the Liars basically just forgave him after a few episodes, and Ezria rekindled their (creepy) romance pretty quickly. Barf.

    the couple baking in the kitchen

    7. On Game of Thrones, when Ned heard Bran yelling out, "Father!" and we all thought it was foreshadowing something really significant, but it just...didn't end up actually meaning anything.

    closeup of a character looking confused

    The memes about how useless Bran's character turned out to be will never get old, at least.

    character saying he's going to go do something useful

    8. On Glee, when Quinn crashed her car because she was texting and driving on her way to Finn and Rachel's wedding, leaving us with a huge cliffhanger.

    Quinn texting while driving

    In the next episode, it was revealed that Quinn was alive, but needed to use a wheelchair. It seemed like it was going to be a pretty major storyline for her character. However, a few episodes later, she was apparently to walk again?

    Quinn in the wheelchair and then later standing at the bathroom mirror

    9. Also on The O.C., when Theresa lied and told Ryan she had a miscarriage so that he would leave and go back to his life in Newport...

    Theresa on the phone with Ryan telling her the baby is gone

    ...then, the entire storyline was basically dropped until Season 3, when Kirsten saw Theresa and the baby at the airport.

    kirsten seeing theresa with a baby at the airport

    But in the end, it turned out that Ryan wasn't the father after all! Even though the kid looked an awful lot like Ryan, and Theresa's mom even made a point of saying how much the baby was "looking more and more like his daddy every day."

    Theresa telling Ryan the baby isn't his

    10. On Gossip Girl, when it was revealed that Dan and Serena shared a half-brother, Scott, from Lily and Rufus' prior relationship. Rufus and Lily ended up finding and meeting with Scott's adoptive father, who broke the news to them that their son had died in a sailing accident a year earlier.

    Lily hearing the news that her son has died

    Scott eventually tracked Lily and Rufus down, and the three of them had a long-awaited family reunion, just in time for their wedding...

    Scot showing up for the wedding

    ...only for Scott and his whole existence to just never be mentioned again afterward. Which is pretty wild when you think about it, especially, considering that his half-siblings ended up marrying each other. I wonder if Scott also attended THAT wedding.

    Serena walking down the stairs to meet Dan

    11. On Heroes, when Peter left Caitlin stuck in the future, and then just...never went back for her?!

    Peter and Caitlin talking to each other with a fence between them

    The show never revealed what happened to poor Caitlin, not even if she was alive or dead in the finale.

    closeup of two of the characters looking back at something

    12. On Degrassi: Next Class, when Miles found out that he had gotten Lola (his sister Frankie's best friend) pregnant and that she had an abortion, but nothing really came of the reveal. Miles just apologized a couple of episodes later for not being there for her, and that was basically it.

    Lola saying that she's taken the name of the guy that got her pregnant to the grave

    Then, in Season 4, Lola finally told Frankie that she lost her virginity to Miles. However, Frankie just laughed and seemingly didn't believe her. The whole thing was never brought up again by any of the characters.

    Frankie laughing because she doesn't believe Lola

    13. On Gilmore Girls, when Jason and Richard became entangled in a MESSY business lawsuit against each other. Lorelai broke up with Jason over it, and Emily even left Richard for a bit because of the whole thing.

    Richard telling Emily that he has to do this even though Emily thinks it will be bad for the family

    But then we never even found out what happened with the lawsuit, and Jason's character kinda dropped off the face of the Earth (or at least, the face of Stars Hollow).

    Lorelai teling Jason that she can't be with someone that is suing her family

    14. On Search Party, when Dory impulsively murdered April in the Season 2 finale. April's twin, June, showed up looking for her sister the next season, which led Dory to confess the murder to her friends...

    June telling Dory that she hopes her conscience haunts her

    ...but then literally nothing happened, there were no consequences for Dory, and everyone essentially forgot this even happened.

    dory throwing april into the water from three floors up

    15. On Cruel Summer, Kate mentioned an ominous figure named "Annabelle" β€” whose name was the only thing Kate could remember about her β€” in Episode 4, which then became a central part of the overall mystery.

    someone writing Annabelle on a notebook several times

    In the finale, it was revealed that "Annabelle" was actually just the name of Martin's gun.

    Martin pulling out a gun from his backpack

    The reveal wasn't awful per se, but it wasn't exactly a shocking twist either. I'll always maintain that Season 1 of Cruel Summer was very nearly flawless, but I think one of their biggest mistakes was introducing the idea of Annabelle too early in the season. It gave fans way too long to theorize about all of the possibilities, and then ended up just being kind of...meh?

    commenter saying the annabelle plot was useless

    16. And finally, on Defending Jacob, when the finale literally didn't reveal who actually murdered Ben, or even whether or not Jacob was guilty.

    Laurie driving and saying she wants the truth from the death

    What disappointing TV storyline do you think had wasted potential? Tell us in the comments!