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26 TV Couples So Bad, They Shouldn't Have Dated In The First Place

Looking at you, Pretty Little Liars.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV couples were so bad, they never should have gotten together in the first place. Here are some of their responses:

🚨Spoilers ahead!🚨

Note: Some of the following contain mentions of sexual assault and abuse.

1. Jackie and Fez from That '70s Show:

Jackie and Fez as a couple in Season 8

2. Aria and Ezra from Pretty Little Liars:

Aria's mom incredulously asks Ezra if he got together with Aria while he was her teacher

3. Buffy and Riley from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Riley dares Buffy to hit him and says he's leaving unless she gives him a reason to stay

4. Emily and Paige from Pretty Little Liars:

Paige shoves Emily's head under water, kisses her in the car a few episodes later

5. Caroline and Alaric from The Vampire Diaries:

Caroline embraces Alaric warmly with hand across his cheek

6. Kurt and Blaine from Glee:

Blaine tells Kurt he cheated because he was lonely without him

7. Sid and Michelle from Skins:

Cassie exposes Sid and Michelle's relationship

8. Silver and Liam from 90210:

Liam and Silver hook up

9. Ray and Marnie from Girls:

Ray and Marnie about to kiss in Season 5

10. Spike and Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Spike holds Buffy down and tries to assault her

11. Jackson and Maggie from Grey's Anatomy:

Jackson and Maggie kiss

12. Lucas and Peyton from One Tree Hill:

Lucas tells Peyton he hates her and that she ruined his life

13. Echo and Bellamy from The 100:

Echo reminds Bellamy she almost killed her sister, Bellamy claims his sister will understand

14. Joey and Rachel from Friends:

Joey tells Rachel he's in love with her, she replies, "What?"

15. Steve and Laura from Family Matters:

Steve and Laura together

16. Spencer and Caleb from Pretty Little Liars:

Spencer and Caleb sit on couch alongside Hanna

17. Alex Karev and Ava/Rebecca from Grey's Anatomy:

Alex and Ava/Rebecca kissing

18. Kelly and Darryl from The Office:

Darryl tells Kelly to access her "uncrazy" side and Kelly says he's the most selfish person she's ever met

19. Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl:

Chuck grabs Blair and says she can't marry anyone else because she's "his"

20. Isabelle and Raphael from Shadowhunters:

21. Archie and Veronica from Riverdale:

Archie tells Veronica he doesn't want to talk and they proceed to have sex in jail

22. Cristina and Shane from Grey's Anatomy:

Cristina kisses Shane

23. Drew and Becky from Degrassi: The Next Generation:

Drew says if God didn't want them to be together he wouldn't have trapped them in a room together, he and Becky kiss

24. Coach and Cece from New Girl:

Cece and Coach at a basketball game, Cece says this wasn't what she expected

25. Lane and Zach from Gilmore Girls:

Lane on bed rest pregnant with twins alongside Zach

26. And finally, Miles and Tristan from Degrassi: Next Class:

Miles and Tristan fight over school project, Tristan calls it a "symbol of their relationship"

Reminder that I, Kelly Martinez, do not necessarily endorse all of these submissions!

Got a strong opinion about a bad TV couple that didn't make this list? Tell us in the comments!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity. Not all submissions were from community users.