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What TV Character Deserved A Redemption Arc But Never Got One?

Justice for Marissa Cooper.

Some TV characters start off terrible but end up having amazing development. There's nothing quite like watching a character you once hated grow into one of your favorites!

However, some characters never get a shot at redemption. Sometimes a character dies or is written off before they can be redeemed, or they just simply never reach their full potential.

So, we want to know: What TV character deserved a redemption arc but never got one?

Maybe you thought Tristan on Gilmore Girls had the potential to be a good love interest for Rory, and were really bummed when his character left for military school.

Maybe you hated that Polo was killed in Elite right before he was about to turn himself in, and would have rather seen him serve his punishment and grow into a better person instead of just die.

Maybe you thought Jenny Humphrey wasn't actually that bad on Gossip Girl and could have become a better person if she had stuck around instead of fleeing from her mistakes.

Tell us in the comments what TV character you think deserved a redemption storyline and why! Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.