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    18 Times Tumblr Was Truly Bizarre But Also Funny

    I can't explain why I'm laughing so hard, but I cannot stop.

    1. First, this anon who just wanted to make sure their gift was delivered:

    2. This hip new American catchphrase:

    3. This person named Gavin who's very upset:

    4. This concerning alternate universe:

    5. This not-so-horrible goose:

    6. This new spin on "OK boomer":

    7. This person who's apparently not allowed to do their job:

    8. This poor sister who just needs sleep:

    9. This post that will make you say, "One of these is not like the others":

    10. This very heated Pinocchio stan:

    11. This person with an interesting debate strategy:

    12. This therapist who is at least helpful in one regard:

    13. This disturbing way to think about charging a cellphone:

    14. This breakfast that doesn't sound quite as appealing:

    15. This chicken pun I wish I had never heard:

    16. This invention that would have been helpful in middle school:

    17. This statement that's honestly just a fact:

    18. And finally, this person who literally found their other half and gave them some important advice: