17 Times Tumblr Really Put That Specific Feeling Into Words

    I'm in this post and I don't like it.

    1. This live look at my actual brain:

    2. This incredibly specific memory:

    3. This trend that was pretty odd, looking back:

    4. This unfortunately relatable bit:

    5. This post that reminds me of my AP Lit days:

    6. This traumatic assembly:

    7. This strange time zone:

    8. This post that just described my entire quarantine mood:

    9. This strange realization:

    10. This universal memory:

    11. These things literally everyone does for no apparent reason:

    12. This moral standard everyone's parents imposed:

    13. This incredibly accurate description:

    14. This post that makes me thankful I never have to take a math class again:

    15. This struggle I'm glad I'm not alone in:

    16. This little upside to life:

    17. And finally, this perfect metaphor: