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16 Times Tumblr Roasted The Heck Out Of The U.S.

Honestly, I wouldn't trust us with Kinder Eggs either.

1. This unfortunate but accurate truth:

2. This post that left me sad and yearning for chocolate eggs:

3. This post that basically said, "#NotAllAmericans":

4. This very accurate language guide:

5. This person who said, "Hey, Americans, it's not always about YOU":

6. This hilarious concept:

7. This new, hip way to refer to America:

8. This post that just made me rethink the whole state of Texas:

9. This new motto we could probably stand to adopt:

10. This post that makes me irrationally angry that we don't use the metric system:

11. This unsettling realization:

12. This REALLY extra drag:

13. This incredibly accurate comparison:

14. This map that seems pretty correct to me:

15. This perfectly reasonable explanation:

16. And finally, this post that said, "Americans? We don't talk about them":