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    30 Moments That Prove "The O.C." Is A Masterpiece

    California, here we come!

    Note: Some of the following contains mentions of sexual assault and suicide.

    1. First, in the pilot, when Ryan told Sandy he didn't have a future:

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    2. When Marissa attempted suicide on their trip to Tijuana, Mexico:

    3. When Summer told Seth how she really felt:

    4. When Julie asked Marissa what was on her mind, and she just started screaming:

    5. When Oliver locked Marissa in a room and threatened to shoot himself because she didn't love him back:


    6. When Ryan called Sandy his dad:

    7. When Seth and Summer lost their virginities to each other and it wasn't anything like they expected:

    8. When Kirsten cried while saying goodbye to Ryan at the end of Season 1:

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    9. When Ryan's brother, Trey, tried to sexually assault Marissa:


    10. When Theresa discovered she was pregnant:


    11. When Ryan talked about his dad:

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    12. When Marissa shot Trey:


    13. When Lindsay left town and Ryan was heartbroken:

    14. When Summer realized she couldn't go to Italy with Zach, and raced home from the airport to tell Seth she loved him:

    15. When Marissa told her dad not to come back:

    16. When Kirsten had a drinking problem and the whole family realized they needed to intervene:

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    17. When Ryan called Newport Beach his home:

    18. When Ryan decided to go back to Chino to support Theresa and the baby, and he and Marissa said goodbye and slow-danced at Julie and Caleb's wedding:

    19. When Seth said Ryan was the only real friend he'd ever had:


    20. When Marissa apologized to Ryan for all of the drama over the years:

    21. When Summer was afraid Seth would get bored with her:

    22. When Marissa got kicked out of school and felt like she didn't belong anywhere anymore:

    23. When Anna said goodbye to Seth at the airport:


    24. When Marissa came out to her mom:

    25. When Ryan's mother, Dawn, tried to come back into his life:

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    26. When Marissa told Ryan she still cared about him even after they broke up:


    27. When Taylor admitted she didn't have any friends:

    28. When Marissa's ex-boyfriend Volchok drove Ryan's car off the road in a jealous rage, killing Marissa:


    29. When Ryan and Julie talked and reminisced about Marissa after her death:

    30. And finally, when Ryan and Seth hugged in the finale, the first time since the pilot:

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