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    21 "Gossip Girl" Moments That Prove The Upper East Side Men Were The Absolute Worst

    "You're worse than Gossip Girl."

    Spoilers ahead!

    Note: Some of the following examples contain mentions of sexual assault.

    1. When Chuck just casually said this about Serena in the pilot.

    Chuck says that level of perfection "needs to be violated"

    2. When Rufus dated Ivy despite the age difference, and the fact that he previously thought she was his niece.

    Rufus and Ivy sleep together

    3. When Dan said this to Serena as if he were really any better.

    Dan tells Serena it would be a desperate-attention seeking stunt that would prove she's "every bit as shallow and sad" as the character in his book

    4. When Chuck tried to sexually assault both Serena and Jenny in the pilot.

    5. And when Chuck called Serena a slut after she and Dan caught him on the roof with Jenny.

    Chuck calls Serena a slut and tells her that her life is over and to remember that he knows everything

    6. When Nate had sex with Serena at a wedding while he was dating Blair.

    Nate and Serena drunk and about to have sex

    7. And when Chuck just creepily stood on the balcony and watched Nate and Serena have sex.

    8. When Louis sprung this on Blair right after their wedding.

    Louis reveals their marriage was all for show

    9. When Chuck literally traded Blair for a hotel.

    10. When Serena's father thought he could make up for 14 years of abandonment with ice cream.

    11. When Chuck said this to Blair and we were all supposed to think it was romantic or something.

    Chuck tells Blair she's "his" and that she can't marry anyone else

    12. When Nate's dad told him to keep dating Blair just so he could get the Waldorf deal.

    Nate's dad says he'll get the Waldorf deal if Nate just helps him out by staying with Blair

    13. When Jenny told Damien she wanted her first time to mean something and he was all, "Can we talk about this after we have sex?"

    Damien: "Jenny, why don't we talk about this after?"

    14. And when she told him she didn't want to have sex after all and he stormed out.

    Damien: "I knew you were just a kid"

    15. When Lily's ex-husband, Will, sabotaged her cancer treatment to keep her sick so she would have to keep seeing him.

    Will tells Serena: "I cured her, then I fell in love with her again"

    16. When Chuck slept with Jenny.

    17. When Nate dated Sage knowing she was a minor.

    18. When Bart straight-up tried to kill his own son.

    Chuck says a real man wouldn't try to have his own son killed, Bart replies that his naivety is adorable

    19. When Carter pretended to love Bree's cousin just to pay off his gambling debts, then left her at the altar.

    20. When Dan wrote a bunch of horrible stuff about Serena in his books and then tried to get her back:

    Dan says he never stopped loving Serena