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14 "Riverdale" Moments That Prove Reggie Is One Of The Best Characters

You: Veggie Tales. Me, an intellectual: Reggie Tales.

There are lots of wonderful and whacky Riverdale characters to love.

"Riverdale" cast

But there's one character in particular who I think we should be talking about more: Reggie Mantle.

He may not always make the smartest choices, but he's incredibly entertaining and, IMO, criminally underrated. Here are 14 times he was the best part of Riverdale:

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!!!

Note: #6 contains mentions of abuse.

1. When he totally misunderstood what Archie was asking:

Archie comes to Reggie for help cheating on the SATs, Reggie thinks he's asking about "cheating" with Veronica

2. When he was there for Veronica after her dad was shot:

Reggie shows up to the hospital with a balloon, hugs Veronica

3. When he was the only one to recognize the true absurdity of their high school experience:

Reggie: "Am I the only one that hasn't gotten rid of a dead body before?" Archie: "No time like the present bro"

4. When he put the "bro" in bromance:

5. When he threw a football around shirtless and looked damn good doing it:

6. When he opened up about the abuse from his father:

Reggie tells Archie that his dad "beats the crap out of him" and that he was always jealous over Archie's relationship with his father

7. When he had an extremely relatable reaction to Kevin and Fangs' tickle video business:

Reggie raises his eyebrows: "Hmm?"

8. When he was honest about what he wanted with Veronica:

9. When he and Archie shared a much-needed bro hug:

Reggie: "Bros?" Archie: "Bros for life"

10. When he didn't hold anything against Veronica for choosing to get back together with Archie, despite his lingering feelings for her:

Reggie: "I get it, Archie's back, enough said"

11. When he absolutely murdered all of us with this look:

12. When he accurately summed up the struggle of dating apps:

Reggie: "Just swiping on Bumble, praying the future Mrs. Mantle is within a 30-mile radius, love doesn't come easily for me these days"

13. When he unexpectedly teamed up with Jughead and they looked pretty darn adorable together:

14. And finally, when he delivered this iconic line:

Reggie: "Let the tickle games begin!"