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    26 Reasons Peter Kavinsky Owns My Heart Forever

    Peter: *breathes.* Me: PRECIOUS!

    I'm sure you know by now that P.S. I Still Love You, the sequel to To All the Boys I've Loved Before, is out on Netflix! And although I have to admit that John Ambrose made some points, I'm still #TeamPeter. Here are some of the purest Peter Kavinsky moments:

    1. First, when Peter was a little heartbroken he wasn't the only one who got a letter from Lara Jean:

    2. When he wasn't afraid to kiss Lara Jean in front of his whole lacrosse team:

    3. When he was really excited to put his hand in Lara Jean's back pocket:

    4. When he didn't always have the smoothest pickup lines:

    5. When he stole Lara Jean's scrunchie because he loved her hair down:

    6. When he made drinking kombucha look cute:

    7. When he remembered how much he liked Lara Jean's shoes:

    8. When he got Lara Jean to open up about her mom and he opened up about his dad:

    9. When Lara Jean reminded him that they weren't really together, and he couldn't help but get sad:

    10. When he bonded with Lara Jean's little sister, Kitty:

    11. When Lara Jean called him a good listener and he practically blushed:

    12. When he drove all the way across town to get Lara Jean's favorite yogurt:

    13. When he used Lara Jean as a pillow and looked SO HAPPY cuddling with her:

    14. When he told Lara Jean she was never second to him:

    15. When he finally told Lara Jean he loved her and then he couldn't stop smiling:

    16. When he not only brought Lara Jean flowers, he got Kitty a flower too:

    17. When he didn't understand the concept of a salad fork:

    18. When he wanted to make sure Lara Jean had the best first real date of her life:

    19. When he got really excited about his bro John Ambrose McClaren:

    20. When he took Lara Jean on the cutest carnival date:

    21. When he gave Lara Jean her Valentine's gift on the track where she kissed him:

    22. When he wanted to make sure he wasn't pressuring Lara Jean:

    23. When he felt really bad about fighting with Lara Jean, so he gave her the biggest hug:

    24. When he happily participated in all of the Covey family traditions:

    25. And finally, when he drove in the snow to win Lara Jean back...

    26. ...and gave her this perfect speech:

    In conclusion, #TeamPeter forever.