17 Jim-And-Pam Parenting Moments From "The Office" That Are Too Pure

    "When you're a kid, you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are gonna be right about that."

    1. First, when they found out Pam was pregnant and this was their reaction...

    2. ...and the face Jim made for the camera was even better:

    3. When they learned a hard truth:

    4. When Pam told Jim she'd already found out the sex of the baby because she couldn't wait, and this was his reaction:

    5. When Jim was a diapering master:

    6. When their daughter, Cece, was born and they were suddenly grown-ups:

    7. When Pam just wanted to make sure their newborn had a healthy social life:

    8. When Jim had some not-so-helpful advice about breastfeeding:

    9. When Pam was so tired that she accidentally grabbed the wrong baby in the middle of the night:

    10. When Pam had some choice words for Jim:

    11. When they dressed Cece up for her first St. Patrick's Day:

    12. When Jim and Cece dressed up as Popeye and Swee’Pea for Halloween:

    13. When Pam spoke this into existence:

    14. When Cece ruined her baptism dress, so Jim had to improvise with an Arcade Fire T-shirt:

    15. When they wouldn't rest until their new boss agreed that Cece was the cutest:

    16. When they were expecting their second baby and Pam made her own dad joke:

    17. And finally, when they brought the kids to the office:

    Forever the cutest parents!