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    I Cannot Explain Why These 15 Things Are Embarrassing, But They Are

    Why is it so awkward to get up and throw something away during a meeting?

    We all embarrass ourselves from time to time. We're only human!


    There are some things, though, that honestly have no right to be as embarrassing and awkward as they are. Like, I can't explain why they're so uncomfortable...they just are.


    Here are 15 things that shouldn't be embarrassing, but are:

    1. Walking back from your turn in bowling:

    Lara Jean bowling in "To All the Boys"

    2. Getting up to throw something away in the middle of a meeting or class:

    Miles standing up from his seat in class on "Degrassi"

    3. The last few seconds of a Zoom call where everyone is trying to leave the meeting:

    Is there a term for the awkward 7 seconds at the end of a Zoom after people have said their goodbyes but are still trying to leave the meeting? If not, there should be.

    4. Just standing there contemplating your existence while everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to you:

    SpongeBob and Patrick sing happy birthday to Squidward

    5. Walking up to your Uber and trying to make sure it's the right car:

    Samuel from "Elite" walking up to Carla's car

    6. Having the dentist try to talk to you while their fingers are IN YOUR MOUTH:


    7. When the cashier says they can help the next customer, but you're still trying to put your change away:


    8. Stepping into an elevator when someone else is already in it:

    elevator scene in "500 Days of Summer"
    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    9. Watching a sex scene in a movie with your parents:

    [watching a sex scene with my parents] You guys ever try that?

    I mean, to be fair, this one is kind of awkward for a reason.

    10. Walking up a hill and desperately trying to hide being out of breath:


    11. When you try to move out of the way for someone, but then they move out of the way for you, and then you just end up doing the dance of hell around each other:

    Rory and Dean bumping into each other on "Gilmore Girls"
    The WB

    12. Going on a first date and pretending to be surprised by everything as if you didn't already look up their life story on every social media app:


    13. Getting caught taking a selfie:

    Lola from "Degrassi" taking selfie

    14. When you forget somebody's name after they already told you, so you just have to wait for somebody else to say it:

    The WB

    15. And finally, saying goodbye to someone, then realizing you're walking in the same direction:

    Mona walking away from Mike on "Pretty Little Liars":

    If anyone knows how to make being a human less embarrassing, please let me know.


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