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What Are The Best Eric Effiong Moments From "Sex Education?"

"Kelly Clarkson! Poet!"

There are lots of great characters on Sex Education. But let's be honest: We all know Eric Effiong is the best.

Eric playing music off-key

So, we want to know what your favorite Eric moments are!


Maybe you loved when he told his dad he was going to be exactly who he wanted to be, no matter what anyone else thought.

Eric to his dad: "This is me, I'll be hurt either way, isn't it better to be who I am?"

Perhaps you adore his friendship with Otis and love their goofy and heartfelt moments, like when they danced together.

Eric: "We both know that I lead"

Or maybe you fell in love with Eric and Rahim's relationship and especially loved their little moment on the ferris wheel together.


Tell us what your favorite Eric Effiong moments are and why you love them. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

Brooke Greenberg