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If You Called Off Your Own Wedding, We Want To Hear What Happened

We want to know what the breaking point was.

Tying the knot with your partner is a huge, life-changing decision. There's so much to think about before you say "I do."

Obviously, not every engagement makes it down the aisle. There are many reasons people might decide not to go through with marriage.

So, we want to know: If you called off your wedding — why?

Maybe you had an eye-opening disagreement with your partner just before the ceremony and realized that they weren't the one for you after all.

Perhaps you had a long engagement and eventually grew apart to the point where you were no longer compatible.

Heck, maybe you decided to get married spontaneously and then went, "Never mind!" as soon as you were about to say your vows.

Whatever the reason, tell us the story of what made you ultimately decide to call off your wedding. You can leave a comment below — or, if you prefer to stay anonymous, use this form instead.