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What Horror Movie Is Absolutely Brilliant, But Too Disturbing For You To Ever Rewatch?

Midsommar was fantastic, but seeing it once was enough to freak me out for a lifetime.

There are tons of outstanding horror movies out there. From fun slashers to mind-blowing psychological thrillers to good old ghost stories, Hollywood has truly covered it all.

But have you ever watched a horror movie, loved it, but then realized you could never watch it again because it was just too good at being scary?

Maybe you thought Pearl was great but found the plot wayyy too disturbing to ever put yourself through watching it again.

closeup of a young girl holding up of a large pitchfork

Perhaps you loved the storytelling in Us, but simply can't watch the movie the same way again after knowing the twist.

closeup of a woman holding her face in her hands

Or maybe you just never, ever need to hear Toni Collette's blood-chilling scream in Hereditary again, thank-you-very-much!!!

closeup of a woman looking scared

Tell us about the best horror movie you can never rewatch and WHY in the comments below! Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!