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We Want To Know Which Unexpectedly Dark Sitcom Moments Totally Shocked You

We don't talk about that episode...

TV sitcoms are usually a fun, lighthearted escape from the real world. Goofy parents, adorable kids, and classic laugh tracks — what's not to love?

Occasionally though, a sitcom will get unexpectedly dark. Like, REALLY dark.

side eye monkey meme

For example, on Diff'rent Strokes, when a bike store owner — a grown man — tried to take advantage of literal children Arnold and Dudley by inviting them to his apartment and giving them wine.

bike store owner: "How about some wine?"

Or on All in the Family, when a man pretending to be a police officer snuck into the house and assaulted Edith.

A man creeps behind an older woman who is on the phone

And of course, there was also that time on Boy Meets World when Shawn literally joined a cult.

An older man has his arms around Shawn, who stares blankly at Cory

Tell us about an unexpectedly dark sitcom moment and WHY it shocked you. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!