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    13 Times Teen Shows Didn't Understand Their Own Timelines

    High school is six years long on The CW.

    1. When Haley was only pregnant for like, six months on One Tree Hill:

    Haley captioned "not even pregnant yet on Halloween" alongside "gave birth on graduation day?"
    The WB

    Haley and Nathan didn't get back together until a few months into the school year, so unless they secretly hooked up off-screen before then, there's no way Haley should have given birth on graduation day.

    2. Also on One Tree Hill, when the date of Jamie's birthday kept changing:

    The WB

    If he was born on graduation day (late spring/early summer), then why were they celebrating his birthday in the middle of basketball season in Season 5?? A bit confusing, methinks.

    3. When the liars were high school seniors for what seemed like all of eternity on Pretty Little Liars:

    "Pretty Little Liars" graduation alongside SpongeBob "so much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one" title card
    Freeform / Nickelodeon / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Them being seniors for three seasons wasn't technically a plot hole, but it did make it extremely confusing, especially with multiple Halloween-themed episodes.

    4. When Riverdale jumped "seven years" ahead of time to 2021, even though Jughead was born in 2001, which means they should have graduated in 2019, which means???

    Veronica: "It's 2021, Chadwick"
    The CW

    I guess I can accept this explanation.

    5. Also on Riverdale, when Cheryl and Jason were apparently in different grades despite being twins:

    meme: "Polly and Jason are in the same class but Cheryl is Jason's twin sister and Cheryl is in the same class as Betty but Polly is older than Betty"
    bettysxaccount / Instagram / Via Instagram: @bettysxaccount

    Then again...we're talking about the same show that had Chad Michael Murray shoot out of a rocket as a cult leader. I don't know why I expect any sense of logic.

    6. When Chantay was a student for, uh, forever on Degrassi: The Next Generation:

    Chantay at graduation captioned, "please get me out of here"

    She should have graduated with Peter and Darcy's class, but didn't graduate until Season 11 with Holly J.'s class. I guess we can blame it on retcons?

    7. When Lola and Tiny dated for "a couple weeks" but also eight months at the same time on Degrassi: Next Class:

    Lola says her and Tiny have only been dating a couple weeks, a couple of eps later she says they dated for eight months

    Then again, Lola never claimed math was her strong suit.

    8. When everyone went through junior year twice on Beverly Hills, 90210:


    I, for one, would be pissed if I had to relive any of my high school years twice.

    9. When it was really unclear what age Ryan, Seth, Marissa, and Summer were supposed to be on The O.C.:

    In Season 1 Ryan says he just wants to be 17

    This implies they're 17 in Season 1, but then they're in high school for three more years, so...I DON'T KNOW. Did they do junior year twice? Were they actually all sophomores in Season 1? I need answers, Josh Schwartz!

    10. Also on The O.C., when Kaitlin Cooper magically aged like, six years between Season 1 and 3:

    Kaitlin's drastic transformation from Season 1 to Season 3

    Yeah, yeah, I know they switched actors, but STILL. You cannot tell me this makes any sense.

    11. When they kept changing everything about the timeline of the Hale fire on Teen Wolf:

    Stiles says the fire happened 10 years ago, Derek says it was six

    Honestly, everything about these characters' ages confuses me. When was Malia born, exactly?

    12. Whatever the heck is going on with the timeline of Hope and the Saltzman twins' ages on Legacies:

    Hope says she had a crush on Josie for a week when they were all 14
    The CW

    Theoretically, Hope should be turning 19, since on The Originals, she was two years older than the twins, who are turning 17. Yet, they're all in high school together? Were they retconned to be the same age? Julie Plec, please explain.

    13. And finally, everything about London's age on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Suite Life On Deck:

    London and Cody on "Suite Life On Deck"
    Disney Channel / Courtesy Everett Collection

    I know there was a running joke that she kept getting held back, but I always thought she was Maddie's age! Don't get me wrong, I was happy to see her on Suite Life On Deck, but it made no sense.

    Have you noticed any other teen show timeline errors that just don't add up? Let us know in the comments!

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