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20 Little Plot Holes In Teen Dramas That Make No Sense

Someone call a math teacher, because this doesn't add up.

Even the best TV shows have a few plot holes that drive us nuts: Characters randomly disappearing with no explanation, mysteries not quite adding up, characters knowing things they couldn't possibly know.

Teen dramas are no exception to this. In fact, they might be the biggest culprit. Here are 20 inconsistencies and unresolved plot points on teen dramas that really grind my gears:

Spoilers ahead!

1. First of all, how did Kaitlin Cooper magically age like, six years in two seasons on The O.C.?

Very young Kaitlin in Season 1 vs teenager in Season 3

2. Haley gave birth to Jamie on graduation day on One Tree Hill. But she and Nathan didn't get back together until a few months into senior year? So she was only pregnant for like...six months?

Nathan and Haley after Jamie's birth

3. On Degrassi: The Next Generation, why was Chantay a student there for like, seven years?

Chantay and Holly J. at graduation

4. Whatever happened to Serena and Dan's half brother on Gossip Girl? Did everyone just forget how weird this was?

Dan and Serena's brother Scott

5. In Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why, Hannah includes Zach on the tapes because he stole her compliment notes. But in Season 2, it's revealed they had this whole secret summer fling, and it was after the notes thing happened. So...did Hannah just not forgive Zach for that the entire time they were dating, or what?

Hannah and Zach dating in Season 2

6. If Cheryl and Jason are supposed to be twins on Riverdale, why were they in different grades? Cheryl was in the same grade as Betty, but Jason was in the same grade as Betty's older sister Polly... Huh?

Jason and Cheryl looking at each other in the pilot

7. Speaking of grades, why did Beverly Hills, 90210 have everyone be juniors twice? Maybe literally everyone got held back?

Graduating class on "Beverly Hills, 90210"

8. On Pretty Little Liars, CeCe Drake is listed as prom queen in the Rosewood High yearbook. This would be fine, except, uh...she never went to Rosewood High.

CeCe's picture in the yearbook, "prom queen" circled

9. On Veronica Mars, Logan's sister Trina is introduced as his paternal half sister. In Season 2, however, she's apparently adopted.

10. While we're talking about Veronica Mars, how the HECK did Meg and her unborn baby survive that bus crash when everyone else on board was killed instantly?

Pregnant Meg awake in the hospital after the crash

11. On Degrassi: Next Class, Miles tells Tristan this vacation is their "chance to relive Paris," referring to the school trip they went on in a previous season. But Miles was dating Zoe during that trip, not Tristan, so I'm...not sure what exactly he wants to relive.

Miles tells Tristan it's their "chance to relive Paris," picture of Miles making out with Zoe

12. On Season 2 of One Tree Hill, Lucas finds out he has a heart condition. But why did he just instantly start having severe symptoms right after getting tested, to the point where he has a heart attack just from playing basketball? Why was this never an issue before?

Lucas lying on the ground in Season 2

13. On Riverdale, Betty's dad Hal is revealed to be the Black Hood. But the masked guy that shot Archie's father clearly had piercing green eyes, while Hal's are blueish, grayish.

Clear contrast between eye colors of Hal and the Black Hood

14. Whatever happened to Cayetana's mom and grandpa on Elite? Their financial problems were a pretty big plot point in Season 2. Then they just...disappeared?

Cayetana's mom in Season 2

15. Speaking of disappearances, what happened to Spinner's sister Kendra on Degrassi: The Next Generation? She just vanished with no explanation. Someone should look into this.

16. You know what I'm also REALLY concerned about? All the moms just being left in Alison's basement on Pretty Little Liars. HOW DID THEY GET OUT??

The moms trapped in the basement with no way out

17. Who the heck was the real father of Theresa's baby on The O.C.? She claimed it's Eddy, but the kid looked exactly like Ryan, and Theresa's mom even made a point of saying he was "looking more and more like his daddy every day."

Ryan and Theresa sitting on the couch together

18. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, how exactly did a group of fairly inexperienced Slayers totally destroy the Turok-Hans when even Buffy was nearly killed by one?

A Turok-Han nearly strangles Buffy to death

19. And while we're talking Buffy, how can Spike smoke cigarettes if vampires don't breathe?

Spike smoking a cigarette

20. And finally, on Gossip Girl, HOW THE HELL was Dan Gossip Girl??!

Dan Humphrey looking perplexed

Got any other teen drama inconsistencies that irritate you? Tell us in the comments!