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    17 Tweets About Discussion Board Posts That Are Brutally Honest

    We all need to get those participation points somehow!


    *discussion board posts* Student: I love bread Me: Joe, I agree with you! I love bread too. I liked the part when you said you loved bread. Great point!


    *goes on blackboard to complete a discussion board post* U go Jacob Rosenblatt u go ✊🏼


    Blackboard discussion board You must reply to 2 other classmates Classmate: The War occurred in 1812 me : I agree, the war did occur in 1812


    alright I'm never submitting first on a discussion board ever again because the rest of the class is just rewording what I said


    College discussion board: Jim: 2+2=4 Me: Wow Jim I totally agree. I like how you added the 2's together and got 4, very insightful.


    “....and another thing: i think this discussion board is bullshit. i had a hot girl summer and you wanna ask me about climate change. i fixed it.”


    Hi! I also agree with the thing you said in this discussion board post about the opinion you made up so it sounds like you did the reading!


    Is being sexually attracted to someone because of their response to your discussion board post tacky



    College online discussion board: Emily : the sky is blue Me: Emily I totally agree with what you said. I like how you used the color blue as a form of imagery to describe the sky that was such a powerful statement you said Emily.


    me in real life: ok me over discussion board: Hello fellow student!! I completely agree with everything you stated in your post! Thank you so much for opening my eyes to a brighter and more enlightening future! Have a glorious day :)


    me replying to a discussion board question: therefore whereto whom in conjunction with the assessment is of course the international ramifications that superfluous egregiously in conclusion hitherto admonishing satirically and objectively


    bro last night was a blackboard discussion post


    Kala, I completely agree. I too, find the boards of discussion found on canvas to be fake. Awesome post.


    Had a class discussion post where we had to introduce ourselves and we had to reply to 2 posts, and a girl gained a boyfriend from it? When all else fails, canvas can hook it up


    The fakest version of myself is on canvas discussion posts


    if that’s your girl then why did she comment on my canvas discussion post 🤧