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    Stephen King Said Pennywise Should Be On "Sesame Street" And People Are Surprisingly On Board

    Bert and Ernie can float too! 🤡🤡🤡

    You know Stephen King: author, horror master, and, most importantly, the mastermind behind IT clown Pennywise.

    Yesterday, Stephen had an, um, interesting idea...Pennywise joining the cast of Sesame Street.

    Pennywise on Sesame Street! Wouldn’t that be cool? He could give out balloons! Bert and Ernie would float! EVERYBODY would float! The kids would love it!

    Yeah, Sesame Street. You know, the wholesome children's show with Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo?

    Surprisingly, people were actually pretty on board with the idea:

    @StephenKing That’d be great! I mean I saw the IT miniseries at age 8, and I’m...fine??

    @StephenKing They aren’t ready, Stephen. And that is why it should be done. 🎈🤡

    @StephenKing Let’s not stop there. How about a rebooted Mr Pennywise’s Neighborhood?

    @StephenKing Today's show is brought to you by the letters I & T, and by the number 237

    I'll admit I was initially skeptical. But the more I think about it, the more I believe Pennywise could really thrive here.

    He could vibe with Oscar the Grouch, bond with Count Dracula...

    ...and Bert and Ernie would love his balloons!

    Just a friendly clown handing out balloons to kids!! What's not to love??!

    On behalf of Pennywise stans everywhere, please make it happen, Sesame Street.