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    18 Times Squidward Was The Most Relatable Character Ever

    Please hit me as hard as you can.

    1. When he spoke for non-morning people everywhere.

    2. When he understood the universal struggles of food service and retail workers...

    3. ...or anyone who's ever worked customer service.

    4. When he understood how difficult it can be to stand out in a competitive job market.

    5. When he perfectly summed up therapy.

    6. When he basically described exactly what it feels like to get ghosted.

    7. When he perfectly illustrated FOMO.

    8. When he said what everyone who has been asked to work overtime would love to tell their boss.

    9. When he summed up what it feels like to get rejected for a job.

    10. When he said what everyone has thought at some point during their workday.

    11. When he summed up the awkwardness of just standing there while everyone sings happy birthday to you.

    12. When he understood what it's like to have one of those days.

    13. When he just wanted to sleep in and be unbothered.

    14. When he pretty much described all of adulthood in a single sequence.

    15. When he had this inspiring motto to start the day off with.

    16. When he summed up what everyone wants to say when guests overstay their welcome.

    17. When he wasn't afraid to express how he really felt.

    18. And finally, when he was brutally honest about his job.