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    I Played The New "Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey To Batuu" Game And Holy Yoda, Do I Have A Lot Of Feelings

    In a galaxy far, far away...

    Last month, the Sims team announced its latest game pack, The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu.

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    The game is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a Star Wars–themed game pack where you can visit the world of Batuu, the same world Disney's Galaxy's Edge is based on. It's definitely a first for the Sims, and players have been pretty divided on it.

    I played the game early and got a chance to let my own Sim explore Batuu. Here's an overview of the pack and my thoughts:


    Let me just say right up front: I'm not a Star Wars expert in any way. I mean, I've seen the movies, but I'm not deeply engrossed in the fandom. So tbh, navigating this game was a challenge for me.


    One thing I'll say right off the bat, the gameplay itself is gorgeous. Like, I'd be very down to quarantine here.

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    Batuu is a vacation world, meaning you have to travel there via phone call. There's three main areas of Batuu: Black Spire Outpost, First Order District, and Resistance Encampment. Black Spire Outpost is the main hub where you can get food, drinks, and equipment, so let's start there.

    map of Batuu with Black Spire circled
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    Before I get started on any missions or decide which side I want my character to join, I'm going to do some exploring. Let's check out this restaurant!

    Docking Bay 7 menu
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    I've gotta be honest, I feel a little out of place at this bar.

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    Okay, I'm going to try starting a mission now. Uhhh, I guess I'm joining the First Order. Apparently my first task is to spread propaganda.

    First Order mission message from Lt. Agnon telling Sim to spread the word
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    This task is um, not going so well for me so far.

    rude Sim complaining about propaganda
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    I'm getting kind of bored doing the mission, so I think I'm gonna go explore for a while. There's some pretty cool stuff to check out, like the Droid Depot and Savi's Workshop.

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    I also traveled to the Resistance Encampment. It's really pretty, but there's honestly not...a whole lot to do there. I've been spending most of my time at either the Black Spire Outpost or the First Order District.

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    So, after playing for a few hours, I think I've come to a verdict. As your unofficial Sims expert™️, here's what I think the game does well and here's what I'm not super jazzed about:

    Good: The graphics and architecture are *chef's kiss*.

    Millenium Falcon
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    As I said before, the gameplay is seriously GORGEOUS. You can definitely tell they put a ton of effort into the level of detail here.

    Meh: It can be confusing to navigate, especially if you're not already a huge Star Wars fan.

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    It might just be me, but I found myself getting frustrated a lot when completing tasks. There's a lot to get used to, like using the Galactic currency and having to travel everywhere in Batuu by phone.

    Good: The characters are fun to interact with and there's not too many rabbit holes.

    new dialogue options with "Star Wars" creatures
    Electronic Arts

    It definitely feels like you're in the Star Wars galaxy. I had fun talking to Stormtroopers, ordering food straight out of Galaxy's Edge, and sitting down for a drink with various alien creatures. My only criticism here is that you can't actually hop into the pilot seat when you fly ships.

    Meh: There's not very many new features outside of Batuu.

    Sim playing with lightsaber back home
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    There's a new Star Wars Aspiration and some new outfits and hairstyles, but no new traits. You can take lightsabers and stuffed Porg souvenirs home and there's some great new furniture, but for the most part, this is purely a vacation pack. If you're looking for something that will change up your Sims' day-to-day life back home, this isn't it.

    My overall take: The pack is a fun concept, but it doesn't really feel like The Sims. If you're into Star Wars or just looking to try something totally different, you'll probably enjoy Journey to Batuu. If you're like me and enjoy playing Sims for the families and stories, it might not be your cup of tea.


    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go read up on how to WooHoo with Kylo Ren.


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