I Am Living For How Much Everyone Hates Criston Cole On "House Of The Dragon"

    "It's been 10 YEARS and Criston is still screaming, crying, throwing up, whenever someone mentions Rhaenyra."

    This is Ser Criston Cole.

    Now, if you're all caught up on House of the Dragon, then you already know what a steaming pile of hot GARBAGE this dude is.

    Here's a brief refresher on his many crimes:

    🚨 Spoilers ahead, including for Episode 6!!! 🚨

    Basically, Criston and Princess Rhaenyra slept together because she was all bummed about Daemon (her uncle, BTW) rejecting her. Plus, Criston looks...well, like that. Basically, he was just there — it was a hookup!

    But then Rhaenyra's father, King Viserys, arranges a marriage between her and her cousin, Laenor Velaryon. The marriage is a total political move and nothing more. In fact, Laenor is actually gay, so Rhaenyra proposes that the two of them subscribe to their duties to the throne but keep, uh, seeing their side pieces.

    But Criston is all, "Babe, why can't we run away together and marry for LOVE?" And Rhaenyra is like, "Do you not understand that I'm supposed to be heir and that the entire lineage is at stake here?"

    So, Rhaenyra goes through with her wedding to Laenor. And then Criston KILLS LAENOR'S LOVER AT THE WEDDING.

    Now, flash forward to after the time jump in this week's episode — 10 years have gone by, and Criston is STILL not over Rhaenyra. Dude. Dude. IT WAS A ONE-NIGHT STAND.

    Any-freaking-ways!!! He sucks. Here are a bunch of tweets about how Criston Cole is simply ✨ the worst ✨:


    @scrpiomood / HBO


    Criston Cole pathetic fr, all these theatrics over a one night stand. I’ve never seen anything this mad #HouseOfTheDragon

    Bravo / @QuinnyTete


    Thank you Ser Harwin for beating Criston’s ass 👏🏽 #HouseOfTheDragon

    HBO / @HOTDsource


    the fact that’s it’s been TEN (10) years and criston cole is still screaming crying throwing up when anybody mentions rhaenyra

    Twitter: @vasilisonka


    Ser Criston Cole is out his mind. Y'all had one booty call and you want her to give up her entire life for you??? #HouseOfTheDragon

    Casey Athena / @JasmineLeeC


    10 years had passed and ser criston cole continues to be bitter with rhaenyra.. #HouseOfTheDragon

    Twitter: @fortargaryen


    so harwin cant punch someone without losing everything but criston can literally murder someone in front of the royal family and be promoted?!?!? i cant stand the greens fr #HouseOfTheDragon #HouseoftheDragonHBO

    Facebook Watch / @WillSmith / @daemonsgirl


    criston cole possibly the funniest character ever put on screen. randomly spouting disney villain monologues at every opportunity standing around radiating sociopathic rage trying to explode everyone in the red keep with his mind beams

    Twitter: @samanthatarly


    Us defending Daemon with whatever toxic shit he does VS us with Ser Criston acting out once #HouseOfTheDragon #HouseOfTheDragonEp5

    Fox / @tbaugh725


    Ser Criston really does act like the guys who insult you after being rejected #HouseOfTheDragon

    Nicki Minaj / @ur7hoe


    Me watching Ser Harwin Strong beat the fuck out of Criston Cole #HouseOfTheDragon

    Netflix / Disney / @nicoonfilm


    Everyone to Ser Criston when he admitted to Alicent he slept with Rhaenyra when she didn't even suspect him. #HouseOfTheDragonHBO #HouseOftheDragon #hotd

    Disney / @AshleyG84288214


    #HouseOfTheDragon #hotd Ser Criston: pick me, choose me, love me Rhaenyra:

    Disney / @sarcapsm


    criston cole first ever recorded incel in asoiaf history gets rejected once and starts a coup

    Twitter: @drogonvritra


    Sir Crispin after Rhaenyra said no to his marriage proposal and choose the throne instead of running away to sell fruit in fucking Essos!!! #HouseOfTheDragon #CristonCole

    Paramount / HBO / @bree_ath


    they started the day off so happy and had to get married in tears all because criston fucking cole had to have an incel temper tantrum… he’s my worst enemy #houseofthedragon

    HBO / @silvcrwings


    #houseofthedragon joffrey lonmouth: *exists* criston cole:

    Netflix / @starlessgold


    criston cole homophobic spread the word

    Twitter: @falkring


    Criston Cole hit it once and thinks that he walks on water like be fucking forreal #HouseOfTheDragon

    Fox / @bri_beadle


    criston was so out of line calling rhaenyra a ‘spoiled cunt’ even alicent fucking hightower had to stop and glare… men are actually irredeemable

    Twitter: @aromcommunist

    21. And finally:

    Checked in with my feelings this morning and I still hate Criston Cole, who is the worst and sucks.

    Twitter: @MaesterMerry

    Ser Criston Cole, you are simply: