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    Updated on Dec 27, 2019. Posted on Dec 26, 2019

    The New Season Of "You" Is Here And Everyone Is Joking About Dan Humphrey Again

    Joe Goldberg is literally just Dan Humphrey with a knife.

    Netflix recently gave us the wonderful holiday gift of Season 2 of You, starring Penn Badgley.


    Before Penn Badgley was Joe Goldberg, he was none other than Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl! After seeing him play Dan for so many years, it's hard to remember that Joe is supposed to be a totally different character.

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    However, some fans find Joe and Dan have such eerily similar personalities, and are convinced the characters are actually the same person. Here are some of the best tweets about it:


    yes i know the character’s name is joe and yes i will continue to call him dan humphrey


    After Dan Humphrey revealed he was Gossip Girl, he left the upper east side and moved to a different part of New York to become Joe Goldberg. After everything with Candice & Beck, he moves to LA to become Will 🤯🤯


    dan humphrey can get it


    “penn badgley in YOU is called joe!” “dan humphrey”


    So Dan Humphrey becomes a serial killer while Serena kills her twin to fake her death for insurance money. Dark times since gossip girl


    dan humphrey has always been THAT creep lmao


    @strongblacklead @YouNetflix As if it wasn’t bad enough that Joe gives off major Dan Humphrey he’s asking where Rufus is.


    @glory2naima dan humphrey lookin like damn hump me 🤧


    if you told me when i was 10 that i was gonna find dan humphrey attractive i would’ve punch you but now


    okay I love Christmas and all but I’m ready to see season 2 of Dan Humphrey being a psychopath already


    The worst and most basic thing about me is having a crush on dan humphrey but a murderer


    Dan Humphrey is really good in You


    Watchu mean Dan Humphrey became a creep after gossip girl?!? He was gossip girl,& gossip girl WAS a creepy stalker, sooooo


    Still not convinced that You isn’t just a prequel to Gossip Girl where Dan Humphrey was originally Joe Goldberg, dropped out of HS and stalked girls in NY and LA for a year, before returning home reformed to reunite with his family & get his HS degree


    Joe who? This is Dan Humphrey, thank you very much.

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