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    None Of Us Are Ready For The New "Scream" Movie, And Here Are Some New Details From The Cast To Prove It

    Sidney Prescott is back, baby!

    There are tons of great scary flicks out there, but the Scream movies are quite possibly my favorite horror franchise of all time. Nothing tops Ghostface!

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    So, I'm super stoked that a fifth Scream movie — titled Scream is coming to theaters in January 2022. The new film takes place 25 years after the events of the original and follows a new Ghostface killer tormenting another group of teens. Several members of the original cast — including Neve Campbell (Sidney), David Arquette (Dewey), and Courteney Cox (Gale) — are also reprising their roles. EEEK!

    A poster for the film featuring a long bloody knife and Ghostface in the background
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    You can check out the official trailer here.

    I don't know about you, but I really don't want to wait until January to scream about Scream (heh heh). Luckily, Paramount and Spyglass Media Group shared an exclusive featurette with BuzzFeed that includes tons of juicy details. 👀 Check it out below!

    Paramount Pictures / Spyglass Media Group

    Pretty twisted, right?! Alright, let's unpack this, baby:

    Neve Campbell and Courtney Arquette standing next to each other during a scene
    Brownie Harris / © Paramount Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

    We begin our journey with a bone-chillingly familiar scene of a teenage girl being tortured by a mysterious phone caller. To make matters worse, this Ghostface knows how to use modern technology, like a cellphone app that unlocks the doors. UGH.

    A terrified teen girl on the phone
    Paramount Pictures / Spyglass Media Group

    "Ghostface is back," Courteney Cox tells us. "And it's scary as ever."

    Paramount Pictures / Spyglass Media Group

    "Now's the time to make a new Scream," executive producer Kevin Williamson (and the original Scream screenwriter) explains. "We had this special story to tell that connects the legacy cast members with the new cast into the world of Woodsboro."

    Kevin Williamson talking about the film
    Paramount Pictures / Spyglass Media Group

    Melissa Barrera, who plays new protagonist Sam Carpenter, gives us a deep dive into her character. "My character, Sam, becomes the target of the Ghostface killer [and] she seeks Dewey for help," she explains. But Sam also has a secret...and it's not so little now that Ghostface is involved.

    Sam asking "Who is this?" and Ghostface on the other end of the phone replies "Someone who knows your little secret"
    Paramount Pictures / Spyglass Media Group

    Got a secret, can you keep i- oh, wrong franchise? Sorry!

    David Arquette says his character, Dewey, "really wants to help, because he's got a huge heart." We then see Dewey call Sidney, our OG lead, to tell her that Ghostface is back.

    Dewey tells Sidney that "it's happening again"
    Paramount Pictures / Spyglass Media Group

    "Sidney, she's moved on in her life," Neve Campbell says. "And then chaos ensues."

    The new cast is just as excited to be a part of the Scream franchise. Dylan Minnette, who plays Wes, says, "It's just the perfect mix between new energy and also keeping what made it so special in the first place."

    Paramount Pictures / Spyglass Media Group

    It certainly seems like we can expect some new tricks to keep us on our toes. "I don't think it's exactly what people are expecting," says Jack Quaid, who plays Richie. Cox agrees, adding that there are things that happen that are "shocking."

    Someone looking at a kitchen fire
    Paramount Pictures / Spyglass Media Group

    However, Sidney is definitely still on her A-game.

    Sidney tells Sam she wants her to help them kill Ghostface
    Paramount Pictures / Spyglass Media Group

    "So many twists and turns!" says Jasmin Savoy Brown, who plays new character Mindy. "Who's the killer? Who's not? We don't know!"

    Mindy staring at someone looking at her strangely
    Paramount Pictures / Spyglass Media Group

    But one thing seems for certain: There will be plenty of screams.

    Someone screams in the background prompting Gale to say to Sidney, "sounds about right"
    Paramount Pictures / Spyglass Media Group

    Mood, Gale. Mood.

    And finally...can we just take a second to appreciate Courteney Cox in this absolutely FIRE pantsuit 🔥?!

    Paramount Pictures / Spyglass Media Group

    "If I may say so, Ms. Weathers, you are much prettier in person."

    Scream, directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett, hits theaters Jan. 14, 2022!

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