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    15 Dishes That Prove American Cuisine Is, Um, One Of A Kind

    I'm sorry in advance for what you're about to witness.

    1. This meal that's perfect for when you just can't decide:

    2. This fancy-schmancy dish:

    3. This creation I definitely would have eaten in college:

    4. This highly nutritious lunch:

    5. This picture that said "at least you tried":

    6. This oddly intriguing midnight snack:

    7. This interesting perspective:

    8. This idea that should have stayed in the drafts:

    9. This dish made with chaos as its secret ingredient:

    10. This product that just makes me feel a lot of things:

    11. This dish that should not, under any circumstances, be brought to a potluck:

    12. This burger that looks like something Jughead Jones made:

    13. This creative use of Thanksgiving leftovers:

    14. This mildly concerning invention:

    15. And finally, this product that I wish wasn't real but unfortunately is:

    H/T: r/shittyfoodporn.