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    15 "Pretty Little Liars" Tweets To Remind Everyone Just How Bonkers That Show Was

    We don't talk enough about how awful Ezra was.

    Pretty Little Liars was a truly WILD show. From secret twins to creepy dollhouses to seriously messed-up relationships, there's nothing this show didn't tackle.


    TBH, Alison being buried alive was, like, one of the least wild things to happen.

    It's been a few years since the show ended, and I think a lot of us forgot how truly nuts it was. Here are 15 tweets to remind us all how bonkers the show was:

    Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead!


    Remember when aria from pretty little liars had an affair with her teacher and we all just watched and rooted for them to end up together, is that why we’re all like this?


    I really wasted a good 4 years of my early teens to pretty little liars ..... I still don’t know who the fuck is A


    This is like pretty little liars when we found out who “A” was and then it was like jk....unless????? And then they dragged it on for like 7 more seasons


    pretty little liars was such a rollercoaster of a show that we didn’t even question why the girls were in high school for like 6 years or why aria was dating a grown ass man


    I will NEVER forget how y’all AND EMILY got over the fact that Paige tried to DROWN her for some bullshit ass reason. Paige almost KILLED Emily because the swim team lineup was changed and everyone just forgot and shipped the fuck outta them.


    Pretty Little Liars really ended with Spencer having a British evil twin and we all just accepted it-


    Pretty Little Liars expected you to remember a very small story line from 4 seasons prior to keep up with the current season. It was.. a lot


    Shows like 13 Reasons Why & Pretty Little Liars crack me up because I would’ve transferred on them boys so quick. Who dealing with all this during high school 😭 covering up MURDER?


    Is no one going to talk about how in Pretty Little Liars a girl in grade 10/11 was dating her TEACHER and we were all like "omg... why can't Aria's parents just accept the fact that Ezra and her are in love?" Like WHAT even was that? They were one of my fav couples 🙃🤣😂😭


    I still sometimes sit and reflect on how I spent about 7 years of my like watching pretty little liars and it was someone we never even met like absolutely freaked 🤯still fuming


    How on earth did 13 year old me watch pretty little liars and not get scared 19 year old me now is hiding under the covers


    When I was 12 I read Pretty Little Liars and they kept mentioning Wawa. So on vacation I BEGGED my parents to take me to one an hour out of the way. When we got there my mom was so mad, and I had to commit and pretend like a gas station is exactly where I had been dying to go.


    if u watched pretty little liars as a teen ur either gay or have crippling anxiety now... sorry I don’t make the rules


    remember when all the girls in pretty little liars got kidnapped by A and their moms were all just getting drunk af and spilling tea? skksks


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