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    Victoria Pedretti Said It Felt "Strange" To Film "You" Season 3 Sex Scenes With Penn Badgley

    "We played a couple before, but it didn't just immediately come back after being in a global pandemic."

    Warning: Minor spoilers for Season 3 ahead!!!

    After a long wait, Season 3 of You is finally streaming on Netflix!

    This season follows new parents — and serial killers — Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) as they move to the suburbs with their son, Henry.

    Joe and Love with baby Henry

    Naturally, this season is full of tons of twists and turns and high emotions. But one of the most challenging aspects of filming for Badgley and Pedretti? The intimacy scenes.

    Joe and Love in bed

    In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actors got real about the strangeness of filming sex scenes during the pandemic.

    Joe and Love in Season 2

    "I felt very lucky that they start off their relationships at odds with each other, navigating the awkwardness of being new parents," Pedretti said. "It felt strange to be physically intimate very early on, even though we're supposed to be a married couple."

    Victoria Pedretti

    Pedretti said that, while she and Badgley had played a couple before in Season 2, it took a while to get that natural spark back between them. "It didn't just immediately come back after being in a global pandemic," she explained.

    Love and Joe in couples' therapy

    Badgley agreed that filming these scenes during the pandemic was challenging. "It's really true, the implications of all that stuff was really felt," he said.

    Penn Badgley

    Badgley also revealed that a significant number of scenes had to be rewritten or cut altogether due to COVID-19. "There were significant rewrites throughout the whole season to try and negotiate around these scenes that would require a lot of people," he said.

    Joe Love and Dottie in hospital with doctor in Season 3

    COVID is mentioned a few times throughout Season 3, but it's not a major plot point, since the characters seem to be living in a post-pandemic world. However, You showrunner Sera Gamble said that if they had started working on the season a bit earlier, they might have incorporated the pandemic into the show more. "Maybe we would've been like, 'Joe in a pandemic wearing a mask is interesting,'" Gamble said.

    Sera Gamble

    However, Gamble is ultimately glad they didn't go that route. "I think it helps that we were making something that was fun and that wasn't about what the news was that morning," she said.

    Joe and baby Henry

    I have to say, I agree! After all, You is already wild enough.

    You can stream Season 3 on Netflix now. Be sure to check back in for more You coverage!