Nobody Hates Joe Goldberg More Than Penn Badgley, And Here Are 13 Hilarious Quotes To Prove It

    "Obviously, Joe is one of the worst people ever."

    1. First, when he wasn't afraid to state the obvious:

    Penn: "I mean come on guys Joe is TERRIBLE"

    2. When he made it clear on Twitter that he was def NOT #TeamJoe:

    A: He is a murderer

    Twitter: @PennBadgley

    3. When he said Joe is pretty much doomed:

    Penn says redemption isn't possible for Joe: "Maybe theoretically it's possible for all people but he's among the worst"

    4. When he begged people to please, please stop defending Joe:

    Penn says Joe is one of the worst people ever: "Don't aspire to be like him, don't defend him ever, he doesn't need it"

    5. When he was not here for everyone thirsting over Joe:

    ...of problems, right?

    Twitter: @PennBadgley

    6. When he dragged Joe for his double standards:

    Penn says he was upset Joe wouldn't accept Love: "That really hurt my heart"

    7. When he dragged Joe and Love:

    Penn says Joe and Love don't have true love: "They both kill people, HOW could that be true love?!"

    8. When he was a little concerned about his typecasting:

    Penn reads that his Wikipedia page says 'known for playing villainous and off-putting characters': "This is the FIRST SENTENCE on my Wikipedia page?"

    9. Actually, very concerned:

    Yeah I really should consult with my agent about this huh

    Twitter: @PennBadgley

    10. When he roasted the fans just as hard as he roasts Joe:

    Penn reading fan tweets: "You're a clown, Joe's not gonna start fresh, he can't change"

    11. When he called out Joe's extremely flawed morality:

    Penn says it's kind of silly Joe doesn't kill Love just because she's pregnant: "Why do you value THAT human life? Because it's yours? You prick"

    12. When he was seriously DONE with the Joe Train™ on Twitter:

    Ditto. It will be all the motivation I need for season 2.

    Twitter: @PennBadgley

    13. And finally, when he put it simply:

    In conclusion:

    other actors about their characters: well they've done some bad things but they also make you sympathize- penn badgley: he's literally the worst person in the entire world please hate him

    Twitter: @kanejskaz