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    14 Reasons Why MTV's "Scream" Is One Of The Most Underrated Teen Shows Ever

    Put some RESPECT on Brooke Maddox's name!

    Hey, interwebs! My name is Kelly and I'm super obsessed with teen dramas, horror, and all things ~spooky.~

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    Today, I want to talk about one of the scariest teen shows out there: MTV's Scream. It's got all the things I love in a show: angst, murder mystery, romance, and killer (see what I did there?) dialogue. But not a lot of people talk about it!


    So here are all the reasons why Scream is one of the best teen shows of the 2010s and why we should appreciate it more:

    Obviously, spoilers ahead!

    1. First off, the show definitely has similar vibes to the OG Scream movies, but it's still fresh and original.

    Original 1996 Ghostface mask alongside MTV's 2016 Ghostface mask
    Dimension Films / MTV

    The show takes place in Lakewood instead of Woodsboro and does not follow any of the original characters from the movies. However, the series does use the same "Ghostface" killer and many of the characters have similarities to the OG ones. Plus, the series opens with a murder very similar to Casey Becker's infamous death.

    2. The friendships are top tier, especially between the girls.


    The characters aren't perfect, but they genuinely have each other's backs when it comes down to it. There are also some unexpected friendships that develop over the course of the series, like with Brooke and Audrey.

    3. It may be a teen show, but damn, it's actually really freaking scary and downright disturbing at times, like this scene:


    I mean geez, Emma literally watched her boyfriend get chopped up before her eyes. Talk about brutal.

    4. Two words: Brooke. Maddox.


    She starts out as super mean and cold to everyone, but grows so much. She has some of the best lines on the show and her speech at the town carnival after Jake's murder feels so raw and real. Carlson Young is incredibly underrated.

    5. The dialogue is so ridiculous, yet quotable — it's the perfect mix between Riverdale cringe and Pretty Little Liars drama.

    Noah: "Some guys like sport... I like serial killers"

    Noah Foster walked so Jughead Jones could run.

    6. Just like Sidney Prescott, Emma does not mess around. The girls are the badass heroes in this story, and there are strong themes of women empowerment and feminism.

    Emma to the killer: "So if you can't have me, no one can? I don't need a hero, I'm Emma Duval"

    Go off, Emma!!!

    7. There are some really good ships to get invested in, as well as queer representation.

    Noah and Zoë  alongside Audrey and Gina

    Admittedly, I was not at all invested in the Will-Emma-Kieran love triangle, but I did love Brooke and Jake and Noah and Zoë (both ships deserved so much better!!). I also appreciated Audrey's sexuality arc.

    8. No character is safe — literally anyone can die, and it keeps the stakes high.


    A lot of teen shows shy away from killing major characters (or at least, don't do it too frequently), but not Scream. Your favorite characters could be killed off at any time.

    9. The parents have their own juicy drama, and their backstories are just as mysterious and interesting as the teens' drama.

    Maggie tells Emma how she got pregnant with Brandon James's baby at 16

    Honestly, I want a whole spinoff about Brandon James and his relationship with Emma's mom. WHERE DID HE GO?!

    10. The soundtrack has some serious bops that perfectly fit the atmosphere, like when "Pray (Empty Gun)" by Bishop Briggs plays as Audrey and Emma share an emotional hug after escaping the killer.


    11. The second season is arguably even better than the first, which doesn't happen too often with teen shows.


    Season 1 was enjoyable, but Season 2 had massive character development, higher stakes, and some brilliant scenes. Opening with Jake's murder was seriously dark and hooked me from the start. Plus, all the episode titles in Season 2 are named after famous horror films!

    12. There's a two-part Halloween special, perfect for spooky season.

    Creepy "Never" spelled out in blood red paint on the walls

    The special is super dark, and it circles back to the whole Brandon James mystery. It's also the last episode for the original cast (sobs).

    13. There are plot twists that genuinely made me scream (pun intended), like when [SPOILER] Kieran was revealed as the killer after all this time.


    The parallels between Kieran and Billy Loomis...chef's kiss.

    14. And finally, the show deserved a proper conclusion!!!

    Kieran gets a phone call in prison just before he's murdered: "Who told you you could wear my mask?"

    I know Season 3 was a reboot with a new cast, but there were so many unresolved plots from the first two seasons! Who killed Kieran? Was Brandon James really a murderer? What happens to Brooke and Emma and Audrey and Noah?? I demand answers, MTV!

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