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    19 Tiny But Infuriating Things That Totally Ruin Movies For People

    Who wakes up with perfect makeup?!

    Earlier this week, Reddit user mdr_istan asked the AskReddit community, "Which film trope makes your blood boil when watching a movie?"


    Naturally, people had a tonnnn of thoughts on the subject! Here are some irritating movie tropes that people are really, really sick of seeing:

    1. "People getting off a motorcycle and then removing their helmet to reveal perfect hair."

    2. "Relationships completely falling apart due to a miscommunication or misunderstanding that could be solved with one easy conversation."

    Elle to Noah in "Kissing Booth 2": "Why didn't you say anything?"

    3. "Unnecessary self-sacrifice — the release for the payload is jammed, yes, but your escape pod works just fine."

    Vision sacrifices himself to Thanos in "Infinity War"

    4. "When time is of the essence, but two people have to waste time and risk the lives of everyone by having a completely needless conversation about relationship issues."

    5. "There’s exactly one scientist who can miraculously do every type of engineering and science. Need a hacker? Geologist from earlier. Need a bomb diffused? Geologist from earlier. Need someone to do a DNA match? Geologist. Need someone to invent cold fusion? Geologist."

    Professor Frink on "The Simpsons"

    6. "Women waking up in bed with perfect makeup in the morning."

    7. "If a woman throws up, she's definitely pregnant. Like, maybe it was just some bad oysters?"

    Bella throws up and realizes she's pregnant in "Breaking Dawn"

    8. "When there's an ancient script written in a dead language on a tomb wall that's supposed to take years to decipher, but somehow, the characters translate it in either a few days or on the spot."

    Indiana Jones deciphering ancient text

    9. "Professors lecturing with the class hanging on every word. Come on — at least half the class is secretly using their phones."

    entire college class staring at professor

    10. "Battle scenes where the two sides sprint at each other with full speed — that isn't how ancient battles were fought at all. Just once, I want to see a big budget phalanx or shield wall done correctly."

    Raya and Namaari sword fighting in "Raya and the Last Dragon"

    11. "Fighting never hurts in movies. No bloody knuckles or broken hands. No soreness. Everyone can just keep going indefinitely."

    12. "When the 'ugly' girl takes off her glasses and she’s suddenly drop dead gorgeous."

    "Princess Diaries" makeover

    13. "Getting knocked out with seemingly no major brain damage. I always giggle when they just bop a character over the head, shove them in a trunk, and wake them up in a warehouse hours later like they were just sleeping."

    14. "That poor people are bad with money. You see it in films when one character goes to put gas in their car, only to realize that they only had $5 in their wallet and nothing in the bank account, but they've pumped $30 worth of gas into their tank. People who are actually poor know exactly how much money they have."

    15. "When the hero slaughters 1,000 henchmen without a single thought, then gets to the 'big bad' and suddenly has a whole moral crisis about killing them."

    "Lion King": Simba tells Scar he won't kill him because he's "not like him"

    16. "The fat best friend who's used only for comedic relief."

    Julie from "Lady Bird"

    17. "This is a small one, but any time a bullet is removed from someone, it HAS to be dropped into a metal tray so we can hear it clunk."

    bullets falling

    18. "Overly wise children who teach adults important life lessons."

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Chloë Grace Moretz in "(500) Days of Summer"

    19. And finally: "More of a detail, but who the f*ck stands under the shower head and then turns on the shower?"

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Now it's your turn! What are some overly used movie tropes that get on YOUR nerves? Tell us in the comments!