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People Who Have Worked At Movie Theaters: What Are Some Insider Secrets We Should Know?

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Even with all of the streaming platforms available today, I still absolutely love going to the movies. Delicious popcorn, comfy seats, surround sound...there's nothing quite like it!

I've always been curious about what things are like behind the scenes. So, if you've ever worked at a movie theater, we want to hear your wildest insider secrets.

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Like, what's actually in that popcorn butter? Have you ever seen them put out day-old hot dogs for sale? Do slushee machines really break that often, or do employees just get tired of having to serve them?


Perhaps you have a wild story you could share, like the time you accidentally let a group of middle schoolers buy tickets to Sausage Party. Or maybe the time you and your co-workers snuck in after hours to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home again.

Tell us your best insider secrets and stories in the comments below! Or, if you prefer to stay anonymous, use this form instead.