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    15 Obnoxious Neighbors Who Clearly Never Learned The Phrase "Mind Your Business"

    “It bothers me that my neighbor takes a shower between 9 and 11 p.m. I asked her to shower early, and she does not obey me. It is very late, and the sound of the shower takes away my peace.”

    1. This petty neighbor who takes mowing VERY seriously:

    Screenshot of a note left by a neighbor

    2. This neighbor who thinks single people shouldn't be allowed to buy a house:

    A person's Facebook comment discriminating against single people

    3. This neighbor who keeps a reallyyy close eye on other parents:

    A neighbor asking if they should call CPS on their neighbor

    4. This clueless neighbor who wants to enforce a dress code:

    A neighbor suggesting enforcing a dress code

    5. First, this neighbor who wants to make handing out candy on Halloween mandatory:

    A note from a neighbor asking to make it obligatory to hand out candy for all residents

    6. This neighbor who wants everyone to just...not cook?:

    A neighbor complaining about cooking smells

    7. This neighbor who was SO nosy, they reported someone to the IRS:

    Screenshot of someone reporting a neighbor to the IRS

    8. This neighbor who apparently went through the trouble of asking every single resident about this car:

    A note from a neighbor inquiring about a car

    9. This neighbor who took someone else's landscaping fabric, used it, and now wants to sell the remaining scraps to the rightful owner:

    Screenshot of a note from a neighbor

    10. This neighbor who wants everyone to shower at a specific time:

    Note from a neighbor asking that a person stop showering late because the sound of the shower takes away their peace.

    11. This neighbor who doesn't understand the concept of children having playdates:

    Note from a neighbor on a fence

    12. This neighbor who wants everyone to tone down the spooky spirit:

    Facebook post from a neighbor who's done with Halloween

    13. This incredibly persistent, misinformed neighbor:

    A man holding a note left by a neighbor

    14. This neighbor who is REALLY mad about a couch:

    A handwritten note from a neighbor saying, "Remove the couch!"

    15. And finally, this neighbor who truly has a PhD in nosiness:

    Arrow pointing to a camera on a neighbor's house