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    21 Teen Show Moments So Dramatic, I Almost Can't Take Them Seriously

    Brb, gonna go steal a yacht because someone was mean to me.

    One of the best parts about teen drama shows is how utterly ridiculous the drama gets. I mean, that's what I'm here for!

    Max from "Ginny & Georgia": "What the ever-loving frick-fest? Seriously?"

    But every once in a while, a scene is so over-the-top dramatic, it's hard to take seriously. Maybe it's ridiculously angsty, super cheesy, or even ends up being unintentionally funny.

    The CW

    Let's be honest, though — Riverdale is on a whole other level of ridiculousness.

    Here are 21 ridiculously dramatic teen drama moments:

    Spoilers ahead!!!

    1. First, when Nathan dove into the river to save Rachel and Cooper while still wearing his wedding attire on One Tree Hill:

    Nathan tells Haley he loves her, then dives off bridge into the water
    The WB

    Plus, they were like, 17 years old and Haley was just about to tell him she was pregnant.

    2. When Veronica told Archie they couldn't break up because they were "endgame" on Riverdale:

    The CW

    Petition to ban the writers from using this word ever again, please.

    3. When Ginny ended things with Marcus and called him a "joke," so he went and crashed his motorcycle and almost died on Ginny & Georgia:

    Ginny yells at Marcus to get out, he gets on his motorcycle immediately after

    This was some top-tier angst, though.

    4. When Clare confronted Eli in front of everyone after he seemed to be over their breakup on Degrassi: The Next Generation:

    Clare yells "Did you flip a switch and erase me from your memory?" at Eli

    Can you still quote this entire monologue or are you normal?

    5. When Julie asked Marissa what was on her mind and she just started screaming on The O.C.


    This was iconic, though.

    6. When Jesse cracked a raw egg on Rachel's head on Glee.

    Rachel tells Jesse to break the egg "like he broke her heart"

    7. When Serena confessed to her part in Pete's accidental death, but she made it sound like she literally murdered him on Gossip Girl:

    Serena to Blair: "I killed someone"
    The CW

    8. When Archie and his fellow inmate got into a very heated discussion about high school football on Riverdale.

    Archie: "You haven't known the triumphs and defeats the epic highs and lows of high school football"
    The CW

    I don't know what the proper response is to someone telling you they dropped out in fourth grade to sell drugs, but it's definitely NOT this.

    9. When Amy revealed her pregnancy to Ben and they shared this, um, heartfelt exchange on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

    Ben comforts Amy by telling her she's "HIS whore"

    Let's be real, this show invented dramatic.

    10. When Clay waved a gun at his principal and the cops on school property just to make a point on 13 Reasons Why:


    I feel like there are better ways to get your point across, Clay.

    11. When Damon and Elena had this over-the-top exchange on The Vampire Diaries:

    Damon: "Stop loving me!" Elena: "I can't!"
    The CW

    I do love Delena, though.

    12. When an entire bus full of students crashed as a cliffhanger in the Season 2 finale of Degrassi: Next Class, and then it turned out Tristan was the only one critically injured and everyone else was apparently just fine:

    school bus flipped over on the news

    13. When Finn told Quinn's parents she was pregnant by singing "(You're) Having My Baby" at their family dinner on Glee.


    This is just PAINFUL.

    14. When Archie almost got mauled by a bear and made sure nobody ever forgot about it on Riverdale:

    Reggie and Archie argue and Archie warns him not to start with him, says he was attacked by a bear
    The CW

    15. When Max had this explosive fight with her brother Marcus after finding out he slept with her best friend on Ginny & Georgia:

    Max: "Fall in a ditch!" Marcus: "I already did that!"

    Marcus had a point here.

    16. When Eli still thought Clare's baby was Drew's and not his, so he had some not-so-nice words for her on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

    Eli tells Clare he "didn't expect to see tears from such a whore"


    17. When Liam cheated on Naomi with her sister, but everyone thought he actually slept with Annie and outcasted her and it dragged on for like, half a season on 90210:

    Annie says Naomi will ruin her life if Liam doesn't fess up to who he really had sex with, Liam says "it's complicated"
    The CW

    99% of teen drama problems could be solved if the characters just like, communicated for five minutes.

    18. When Miles showed his whole class graphic footage of his boyfriend getting surgery following the bus crash in Degrassi: Next Class.

    Miles gives a dramatic speech in class about not giving up on Tristan's recovery

    I know Miles was in pain and all, but WHO DOES THIS? Also, I never bought that Miles and Tristan even tolerated each other in the first place, let alone were in love.

    19. When Paige literally tried to drown Emily and then they started dating like, three episodes later on Pretty Little Liars:

    Paige trying to drown Emily, Emily and Paige kissing a few episodes later

    This is not a normal way to start a healthy relationship, guys.

    20. When Landon and Hope had sex for the first time and then he literally turned into mush and DIED right after on Legacies:

    Hope: "Landon?! What's happening? Landon!"
    The CW

    To be fair, Landon has "died" on this show like, a thousand times already.

    21. And finally, when Logan's dad told Rory she didn't have what it took to make it as a journalist, so she stole a yacht, dropped out of school, and cut her mom out of her life on Gilmore Girls:

    Rory and Logan about to steal yacht
    The WB

    She might have overreacted just a TAD.

    Oh, teen dramas! We love you so!

    Marissa shoots Trey on "The O.C." as "mmm whatcha say" plays

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