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TV Couple Moments That Were So Bad, They Ruined The Relationship Altogether

We could have had it all!

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community what TV couple moments were so bad, they ruined the pairing altogether. Here are their responses:

Note: Some of the these include mentions of sexual assault.

🚨Spoilers ahead!🚨

1. First, when Veronica told Archie they couldn't break up because they were "endgame" on Riverdale:

The CW

“It made me realize not only how immature Veronica is, but how poorly written the show is."


2. When Spike tried to rape Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

The WB

"Whenever I rewatch the series, every good Spike and Buffy moment is tainted by knowing he's going to try to rape her. It still makes me angry to this day."


3. When Logan was killed off right after he and Veronica got married on Veronica Mars:


4. When Ross slept with someone else while he and Rachel were "on a break" on Friends:


"Even after they broke up, Ross still had to have an opinion on everyone Rachel dated, and he acted as if he was entitled to her."


5. When Alex Karev left Jo on Grey's Anatomy:


"He left after repeatedly telling her that she was the best he'll ever have, just so he could be with Izzie and their two children that he didn't know he had. I get that Justin Chambers left the show, but it just wasn't good writing. Jo had her run of shitty husbands and boyfriends, but Alex was the golden one. He didn't go through all that character development just to send her a note saying he left!"


6. When Lucas and Peyton went behind Brooke's back on One Tree Hill:

The WB

"I wanted Lucas and Peyton together from the beginning, but after the SECOND time they both snuck around behind Brooke's back, I was over it. By the time Lucas and Peyton got married, I was not into the relationship AT ALL. They went from being my favorite couple to the most cringey pairing on the show."


7. When Rafael told Jane he didn't love her because he was "overwhelmed" on Jane the Virgin:

The CW

"I get that he was trying to protect her, but people in real relationships talk about things, not break up with their partner in their THIRD TRIMESTER just because they're 'going through stuff.' After that, I jumped ship and went the HELL over to Michael."


8. When Willow used magic to manipulate Tara's memory on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

The WB

"I 100% LOVED Willow and Tara's relationship, but when Willow manipulated Tara's memory not once, but TWICE...yeah, that ruined it a bit for me."


9. When Rory and Dean slept together while he was married on Gilmore Girls:

The WB

"I couldn’t even watch the show after that."


10. When Omar cheated on Ander while the latter was going through chemotherapy on Elite:


"I loved Omar and Ander, but that just ruined the relationship for me. Ander deserved to know the truth."


11. When Jim and Pam had a huge fight over the phone while he was in Philadelphia for work on The Office:

NBC / Via

"Pam just wanted to tell Jim about the mural opportunity she finally got, and he totally went off on her and made her break down and cry. I never looked at Jim the same way after that scene."


12. When Marissa shot Ryan's brother Trey on The O.C.:


Trey COMPLETELY deserved this, and Marissa probably saved Ryan's life, but this moment marked the beginning of the end for her and Ryan's relationship. Marissa completely spiraled downward after this, and their relationship was never the same from this moment on.

13. When Andy left to go on a three-month boating trip without telling Erin on The Office:


"I shipped Andy and Erin so hard, but then he pulled that jerk move. You just don’t do that."


14. When Betty and Jughead learned they shared a half-brother on Riverdale:

The CW

"I thought they were adorable and I was rooting for them, but them sharing a long-lost sibling, their parents dating again, AND them all living in the same house? Sorry, that's weird."


15. When Schmidt cheated on Cece with Elizabeth on New Girl:


"Cece even called off her wedding just to be with him. Him cheating definitely ruined this pairing a little bit for me."


16. When Finn made Rachel think they were driving to their wedding, but then dropped her off at the train station and broke up with her instead on Glee:


"Everyone acted like this was a loving sacrifice on his part, but it was a really vicious way to break up and totally disregarded what she wanted. It didn't just put me off the couple, it made me stop watching the show altogether."


17. When Zig cheated on Maya with Zoe on Degrassi:

Netflix / Via

"I still love Zig and Maya together, but I couldn't look at their relationship the same way after that."


18. When Bones and Booth had a child together on Bones:


"I really enjoyed their sexual tension, and I wish they had just stayed friends and hooked up once in a while instead of settling down and having a family together."


19. When Derek shut Meredith out after she swapped Adele's drugs during the clinic trial so she wouldn't get the placebo on Grey's Anatomy:


"Derek was so black-and-white with his thinking and couldn’t understand why Meredith would want to try to save the life of the wife of the man who was practically her father. He couldn't even put his anger aside for Zola's sake. It was hard to like their relationship after he basically kicked Meredith like a dog."


20. When Rory and Logan stole a yacht on Gilmore Girls:

The WB

"Rory and Logan's relationship was problematic from the start, but the final nail in the coffin for me was when Rory stole a boat and dropped out of Yale. If she had never met Logan and his family, that would’ve never happened."


21. When Mon-El passive-agressively "apologized" for "defending Kara's honor" on Supergirl:

The CW

"Kara is literally SUPERGIRL, and the best they can do for a love interest is a misogynistic guy like Mon-El? I really think she can do better."


22. When Tristan humiliated Miles in front of the whole school and invalidated his bisexuality on Degrassi:

Netflix / Via

These two already had a rocky foundation, but this was the final straw for me. I hated how the writers constantly tried to paint Tristan as this amazing boyfriend who always supported Miles when, in reality, he was anything but that.

23. When Aria accused Ezra of being "A" and then uncovered all the secrets about him on Pretty Little Liars:


"Looking back now, their relationship was creepy from the beginning, but I completely lost interest in Aria and Ezra being a couple. He actually turned out to just be a weirdo who had relations with TWO underage girls and was spying on all the girls to write about Alison. Ezra just always felt manipulative and icky after that."


24. When Britta confessed her love for Jeff right in front of his ex-girlfriend on Community:


"Like, I get that you’re finally comfortable with it, but you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak and failure. I still prefer Jeff and Annie — sue me."


25. When Effy chose Freddie over Cook on Skins:


"Cook loved her through and through, the good and the bad, and still she continuously picked Freddie, who only loved the idea of her."


26. When Ryan re-enlisted in the army without telling Amber, effectively ending their engagement on Parenthood:


I liked Ryan's character and I know he was going through some intense stuff, but making this huge decision behind Amber's back and then dropping the bomb on her out of nowhere was so selfish and cruel.

27. And finally, when Blaine cheated on Kurt and then also dated his former bully on Glee:


"I loved them at first — although I was not fond of Kurt basically telling Blaine, 'No, you're not bisexual' when he was questioning his sexuality — but the way Blaine treated Kurt in the later seasons was not okay. Blaine went absolutely nuts when Kurt so much as texted another guy, but cheated on Kurt then dated his former bully Karofsky (who had once threatened to KILL Kurt)!"


Note: submissions have been edited for length and clarity. Not all entries were from community users.

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