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    Misha Collins Tweeted About Destiel Fanfiction, And The Sound You Hear Is All Of Tumblr Screaming

    "I have to admit, I like being on top."

    If you were on Tumblr this past decade, you've probably heard of a little ship called "Destiel."

    But for those unfamiliar, Destiel (also known as DeanCas) is the pairing of Dean Winchester and Castiel the angel from the hit CW show Supernatural.

    There's a loooong history behind this ship, but the TL;DR is that it was hinted to be more than platonic throughout the course of the show but was never explicitly explored until Cas finally professed his love for Dean at the end of the series.

    ...But of course we can't have nice things!

    ANYWAYS. Misha Collins, who played Cas, tweeted something very important yesterday, and I think everyone just needs to see it for themselves.

    Speaking of numbers, Cas/Dean fanfics have reached the milestone of being the first "'ship" with 100,000+ stories. I have to admit, I like being on top. #Destiel100k #DeanCas100k

    Twitter / @mischacollins

    So, yeah....Destiel fan fiction is really popular on AO3, and Misha is here for it!!

    Naturally, fans had some great reactions:

    most actors: *avoid mentioning fanfic* misha collins:

    Twitter / @lucyday05
    Tumblr / @touchofyoucorrupts

    No bc is so funny because everybody from the cast/crew just tends to be careful when talking about Deancas (sometimes rightfully so) and then we have Misha Collins coming here and saying "I like being on top" all unbothered... he is insane for this LMAOOO

    Twitter / @dwdeservesalife
    Twitter / @sunshinedeancas

    I didn’t have Misha Collins confirming he’s a top on Twitter on my bucket list but here we are

    Twitter / @anastiel

    If no one else got us, Misha Collins got us.

    Twitter / @barren_heart
    Tumblr / @casmickconsequences

    @mishacollins literally everyone who saw this tweet rn and for the rest of their lives:

    Twitter / @unsettling_jam

    Someone also pointed out something very important about Archive of Our Own (aka AO3):

    @mishacollins Ummmm y’all realize that you only see that number of fica if you are logged into AN ACCOUNT. If you aren’t you see just under 100,000. Which means he has AN ACCOUNT.

    Twitter / @Firstbo97747563

    Misha...if you're out there somewhere secretly writing Destiel fics, thank you for your service!!!

    SpongeBob SquarePants bowing down to a photoshopped image of Misha