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    Marissa Cooper From "The OC" Deserved A Better Ending And I'm Still Bitter About It


    May 18th, 2006 is a day that will forever live in infamy as the day The OC queen Marissa Cooper suddenly, tragically died in the Season 3 finale.

    Marissa died in the arms of her first love, Ryan, after her jealous ex-boyfriend, Volchok, drove them off the road and into a fiery crash.

    Her death left an entire generation scarred.

    basic of me but this generation gets smeared as wimpish and snowflakey quite a lot for a bunch of people who had to watch Marissa Cooper bleed out of her head until she died in Ryan's arms and then just go back into school the next day without any therapy or time or space

    If you search "Marissa Cooper," you'll undoubtedly find her on many "most hated TV characters" lists. However, as captain of the Marissa Cooper Defense Squad, I must say this: as flawed as the girl was, SHE DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE.

    Marissa's death was just plain unnecessary. Yes, Season 3 was basically just one terrible Marissa Cooper decision after another. And yes, it got super old to watch her do coke with her toxic boyfriend and fight with her mom. But Marissa was far from irredeemable.

    In fact, just before her death, she was making positive changes: she'd graduated high school, broken up with Volchok, owned up to her past behavior, and was about to go start a new life working for her dad.


    Marissa Cooper's entire story is really tragic when you think about it. Her dad pretty much abandoned her, her own mom had an affair with her ex-boyfriend, and she had a drinking problem. Oh, and then there was also the whole Oliver storyline, her friend Johnny's death, getting kicked out of school...the list goes on.

    On top of that, Ryan's brother Trey tried to rape her. And when Ryan found out and confronted him, Trey nearly beat him to death, basically forcing Marissa to shoot Trey to save Ryan's life.

    I don't know about you, but I think that is a LOT of trauma for anyone, let alone a teenager. Honestly, I can't really blame Marissa for losing it a little. 17-year-old me probably wouldn't have been able to handle this shit either.

    LOOK AT HER. She just wants to be happy!!! But she can't. BECAUSE THEY KILLED HER.

    The show just wasn't the same without Marissa. Taylor Townsend could never replace her.

    Also, it kind of sucks that one of the first canon bisexual characters on TV (remember when she dated Olivia Wilde?) was killed off.

    To this day, even the show's creator Josh Schwartz isn't sure killing Marissa off was the right decision. Neither is Adam Brody (aka Seth Cohen).

    In conclusion, Marissa 👏 Cooper 👏 DESERVED 👏 BETTER.