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KJ Apa Is The Cutest Dad Of 2021, And Here Are The Receipts To Prove It

We love the Riverdale babies!

Back in September, Riverdale actor KJ Apa and his partner Clara Berry welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Sasha Vai Keneti Apa!

Since Sasha's arrival, KJ has been treating us to plenty of cute dad content on Insta 😌.

Here are some of the highlights that prove he's 2021's most adorable dad:

1. First up, this super-sweet family pic that just warms my cold little heart.

2. This video that should really kick-start KJ's stand-up career, tbh.

3. Freakin' CUTENESS!!!

4. "It's normal to do this with your kid, right?"

KJ to Sasha: "You will grow to be the king of these lands, you will grow to rule the people of this earth with all their animals and all their sheep and all their canals, why? Because you are my SON, and you will listen to every word that I say..."

5. There is SO much going on here.

KJ singing and dancing and making weird faces

Also, can we appreciate Clara's comment here? 🙏🥺

OK, I'll never leave again

6. And finally, this video — you just...gotta watch.

Here's hoping 2022 brings us more cuteness! I'm rooting for Sasha to be besties with Riverdale costar Vanessa Morgan's son, River!