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    18 Times We All Watched "Legacies" For Josie Saltzman And Josie Saltzman Only

    "Because I'm worth that."

    1. First, when she confronted her dark side and came to this important realization about herself.

    Josie tells Dark Josie that she was afraid of being strong, that she thought being powerful meant being evil, but that's not true and she's not afraid anymore
    The CW

    2. When she met Kai, and she didn't waste any time getting to the point.

    Josie to Kai: "I'm Josie, named after my mom who you killed"
    The CW

    3. When she hit the Lady of the Lake with this snappy comeback.

    Josie to Lady of the Lake: "OK boomer, maybe in your time"
    The CW

    4. When she realized it wasn't doing her any good to run from her dark side, and she finally accepted every part of herself — good and bad.

    Josie to Hope: "But in a way that was kind of like letting the dark part of me win, it's a battle that's always going to be with me and I don't wanna run from that anymore, this is who I am"
    The CW

    5. When she recognized her own worth and refused to settle for less than what she deserved.

    Josie tells Finch that she wants to be surrounded by people who won't run, that she wants someone to love her enough to stay and fight, "because I'm worth that"
    The CW

    6. When she put her twin sister Lizzie's feelings first, even above her own happiness.

    Josie tells Rafael he should give Lizzie another chance and that she's the best person he knows
    The CW

    7. When she met her biological mother, Jo, and they shared this incredibly sweet moment.

    Jo says Josie is special and that Caroline is her mom but that Josie takes after Jo
    The CW

    8. When she reluctantly played Elena Gilbert in the school musical, and she ended up totally crushing it.

    Josie as Elena
    Bob Mahoney / The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

    9. When she delivered this absolute zinger and then made the most adorable, awkward face.

    Landon: "I think the show is about never giving up on love" Josie: "You gave up on Hope like twice," makes awkward regretful face
    The CW

    10. When she had this very reasonable rule for herself.

    Josie says she won't eat bacon since she was a pig in a fairytale
    The CW

    11. When she was under the influence of a truth herb and wasn't afraid to be a little blunt about MG's baking skills.

    Josie says she doesn't know why Lizzie put MG in charge of baking when he's not any good at it, immediately clamps hand over mouth: "I am so sorry"
    The CW

    12. When she couldn't help but make this excellent panda pun.

    Josie in a panda suit: "It's gonna be pandemonium"
    The CW

    13. When she had the perfect response to Clarke.

    Clarke: "She hates me," Josie: "With good reason," blows out candle
    The CW

    14. When, even though she was still hurting over Landon, she told Hope that she wanted her to stay at Salvatore.

    Josie to Hope: "Land made his choice, we can make our own, you belong here, I want you to stay"
    The CW

    15. When she assured Lizzie that she still needed her, and they shared this sweet sister moment.

    Josie: "Does twin code say anything about cuddling after one twin has moved out?"
    The CW

    16. When she simply said "no ❤️" to toxic male energy.

    Josie: "As fun as this hurricane of toxic masculinity is, I have to get to class"
    The CW

    17. When she stood up for Cleo and wasn't afraid to call Alaric out on his blatant hypocrisy.

    Josie says she chose to do dark magic but Cleo was forced to do it and Alaric chose to let Josie back in the school despite killing Alyssa but he won't do the same for Cleo
    The CW

    18. And finally, when she absolutely obliterated everyone with this Dark Josie look.

    Kaylee Bryant in hot all black Dark Josie outfit, smirks: "Hey girlfriend"
    The CW

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