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    41 Of The Best Tumblr Jokes About "House Of The Dragon" To Gear You Up For The Season 1 Finale

    "Almost kissing your uncle in front of your father right before you marry your gay cousin is just another Thursday in House of the Dragon."

    Believe it or not, Season 1 of House of the Dragon is already almost over. The season finale, "The Black Queen" (Season 1, Episode 10), is set to air Oct. 23.

    Young Rhaenyra and Alicent embracing

    Whether you're Team Black, Team Green, or simply tuning in to watch Daemon commit various crimes against humanity, I think we can all agree that the past nine episodes have been a WILD ride. This past week's episode was especially chaotic, to say the least.

    Rhaenys on her dragon

    So with the season finale upon us soon, here are some of the very best Tumblr jokes about House of the Dragon so far:

    🚨 Obviously, MAJOR spoilers ahead!!! 🚨


    The thing that makes hotd so fun is that there's no jon snow types to bring the mood down with their fucking morals or whatever; it's just all crazy bitches all the time


    A Future World cityscape with "Westeros if Rhaenyra and Laenor had one kid"


    before ep 9: wait y'all are seriously choosing sides it's just a TV show lol; after ep 9: i've booked an appt to have rhaenyra's name tattooed across my forehead


    Simpsons characters as Daemon and Viserys


    rhaenys targaryen committing the westerosi equivalent of a terrorist attack on a sports stadium; her gays: honestly, slay


    Framed picture of Ser Criston with "I've had enough of this dude"


    Team black this and team black that, look, we're all excusing war crimes for our faves here alright so how about we jump off our high horses and just let everyone destroy each other while looking sexy AF


    A screenshot of Daemon with the tweet "Being toxic in my little outfit"


    Kermit the frog and Kermit wearing a shroud with text: "Aemond: I'll help find Aegon; also Aemond: Or if he's never found I could be king"


    Blob drawing of a figure with hand on hip and text: Dragons after realizing they're about to go extinct over a misunderstanding


    Person can't get over how the HotD team turned a fictional history textbook into a family soap opera, the real housewives of westeros, a lesbian divorce drama, comedy of errors, and romance novel, except everyone is related


    Almost kissing your uncle in front of your father right before you marry your gay cousin is just another Thursday in HotD


    Patrick Star from SpongeBob as Laenor and Rhaenyra and SpongeBob as Alicent who says their kids look nothing like Laenor


    People who don't know Fire & Blood after watching next week's trailer: "Can't wait for the next episode!" People who DO know F&B after watching it: "I will be forwarding my therapy bills to HBO for what they about to make me witness"


    Viserys this episode: i love all my children equally! my beautiful daughter rhaenyra, my heir, my firstborn, the memory of my late aemma and agony? mmh and also (looks at smudged writing on hand) almond and hallucination


    When some asks why I don't trust men, with images of Ser Criston with Rhaenyra ("You could marry me") and then with Alicent, with the caption "A spoiled cunt"


    "Viserys traveling around the castle" with SpongeBob old lady in a chair


    "Why can't I produce a male heir?" My brother in Christ your family tree is a circle


    Alicent: Rhaenyra's children are savages and they bulled Aemond by telling him they found him a dragon Viserys: I dunno, that seems like a pretty shitty thing to do; are you sure it wasn't Aegon? 'Cause that kid sucks


    Alicent to Rhaenyra when she marries Viserys: Amy Poehler saying, "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom"


    Young Alicent asking, "What if I flop?" Her father Otto saying, "Oh my darling, what if you slay?"


    Before you call yourself an ally of the LGBT community, ask yourself if you'd help your gay husband fake his own murder just so he could run away freely with his lover and then we'll talk


    Making Aemond a theater kid that got taught krav maga by his weird stepdad and is about to make it everybody's problem is a stellar choice, no notes


    The greens/Targaryens looking shocked, with one covering their ears, with text: "so like, mans loses his head and you cover your EARS"


    If Daemond had just been normal for 5 minutes and nicely asked Rhaenyra if she'd take him as her husband and laid out a convincing argument to Viserys, they wouldn't have had to go through all that


    Rhaenyrs not ending the war before it started with a quick DRACARYS, with animated character Tuxedo Mask saying "My job here is done" and response: "But you didn't do anything"


    Lyman says he knew Viserys better than anyone and doesn't believe he said on his deathbed that he wanted Aegon to be his heir, and calls it treason and a theft, with meme of Maddie from Euphoria in the school audience saying "Lyman, you're a fuckin' G!"


    Imagine being Corlys, with your son's wife making out with her uncle, who is your daughter's crazy uncle, as if 800 people can't see them, your wife tells you the grandsons ARE white, one of the kids almost kills himself stealing a dragon, and so on


    Caption: "I can excuse treason, but I draw the line at foot fetishes" with the question, Greens, why are you like this?


    Harwin to Larys if he comes back: You killed me and Father so you could see her feet??? You burned all Harrenhal for the queen feet???


    "The Last Supper" with Viserys above a scene from Shrek 2 around a dining table


    Greens and blacks already arguing while Harwin Strong stans are sharing fanfics and headcannons as if he's still alive on Tumblr


    Every time Helaena Targaryen says a word: "Kowalski, analysis" meme with Penguins of Madagascar leader Skipper


    Laenor after a brawl that left his wife with a huge scar, one son with a broken nose, another with serious trauma, his nephew with one eye, and his paternity questioned: Michael Scott from The Office saying, "Why don't you explain this to me like I'm 5?"


    Pam Beesley from The Office smiling at a picture of Helaena Targaryen and saying "She's never gonna do anything wrong"


    Me talking about Daemon since ep1: "But he murdered people" — what do you want me to do about that? And he looked good doing it


    Rhaenyra: FUCK YOU! Alicent: Wait, you would? Rhaenyra: What? Alicent: What?


    Viserys whenever anyone expects him to take responsibility and act like an actual king for 5 mins: Hey hey hey c'mon I'm a little guy; I'm just a little jolly guy, and it's my son's birthday so I'm basically a little bday boy too c'mon don't be mean to me


    me: *disgusted by Cersei and Jaime* also me: Daemon and Rhaenyra are my parents and I would die for them


    Alicent: ring the bell when you have an answer; Rhaenys when she has an answer: Close-up of a dragon's teeth

    41. And finally:

    How much money would I pay to have a Modern Family–style sitcom w/Rhaenyra, Laenor, Harwin, and the boys? Alicent the evil stepmom, Viserys the dopey dad, Uncle Daemon whose career changes every episode, Criston as Rhaenyra's obsessed old high school BF

    See y'all for the season finale!

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