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Michael Myers Somehow Knowing How To Drive, And 17 Other Times Horror Movies Just Said, "Screw Logic"

"The fact that the giant Creeper bird in Jeepers Creepers not only drives, but has a personalized license plate implies that he somehow made a successful application to the DMV."

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what horror movie plot points baffle them the most. Here's what they had to say!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

1. Thirteen Ghosts (2001): "The dad is barely holding things together, yet he somehow has enough money to hire a live-in nanny? The establishing shot is a huge wall of overdue bills stapled to the wall! It's also really unclear what the nanny actually does — the place is a total mess, and the son just wanders off on his own ASAP."

Screenshot from "Thirteen Ghosts"

2. Jeepers Creepers (2001): "The fact that the giant Creeper bird not only drives, but has a personalized license plate implies that he somehow made a successful application to the DMV."

"BEATNGU" license plate

3. The Purge (2013): "If people were so afraid of being killed, why didn't they flee their houses? Also, why did everyone just want to kill people? I would have thought more people would rob banks and stores."

Screenshot from "The Purge"

4. Signs (2002): "The aliens basically die because of water, but then, they choose to inhabit a planet that's 70% water?!"

A crop circle

5. Halloween (1978): "Michael Myers knows how to drive despite having been locked up since he was a child. When did he learn to drive?!"

6. Scream (1996): "When Ghostface jumps out at Sidney in the bathroom — who is that? We know it’s not Billy because she just left the conversation with him, so unless Stu managed to run around the hallways, get in costume, and sneak in the bathroom (despite us seeing that hallway during the scene), who was it?"

Screenshot from "Scream"

7. Scream 3 (2000): "Gale finds Roman's dead body and even checks his pulse...only for him to be the killer in the end. And when Gale finds out Roman was the killer, she just goes, 'It was Roman?' and not, 'Wait, weren't you dead?!' Why was this never addressed?!"

Closeup of Gale in "Scream 3"

8. Scream (2022): "Dewey’s death. You’re telling me a petite high school girl picked Dewey up off the ground in between two knives? It was an amazing death scene, but there is no way!"

Closeup of Dewey

9. Carrie (1976): "I’m sorry, do the people who made Carrie expect me to believe that a bunch of 17-year-olds snuck a BUCKET OF PIG'S BLOOD into an auditorium, strung up a pulley system, hung it up over the stage, and NO ONE NOTICED?! Not the chaperones? Not the guard at the school? Not other students??? They must have been blind as hell."

Carrie covered in pig's blood

10. Coraline (2009): "Why didn't all the people with button eyes and mouths sewn shut just write a warning to Coraline? Why didn't someone just tear down the whole house as soon as they found the messed up portal?"

Screenshot from "Coraline"

11. The Visit (2015): "All the horror the kids experienced could have been avoided if the mom had just checked who she was dropping the kids off with."

Screenshot from "The Visit"

12. It Follows (2014): "Obviously, 'it' is walking everywhere, right? Why don’t people just get on a plane? I know it would be kind of illogical and difficult for the current characters, but how has no one who was infected with it ever thought to just get on a plane and give it to someone in another country? It’s gonna kill you, but it’s walking, so spend your savings on a plane ticket and go across the ocean to keep it busy for a while."

Screenshot from "It Follows"

13. The Omen (1976): "This isn’t so much a plot hole as just a random detail that bugs me. The Omen is my favorite movie, and I love it to death, but I think it would have made SO much more sense if the events of the first movie were set into motion by Damien’s sixth birthday, not fifth."

14. Saw (2004): "How did Jigsaw, one single person, create, build, and set up all these traps for so many people? The puzzles, the machines, the torture devices? You would need a team of 20 to seriously pull this off!"

Screenshot from "Saw"

15. IT: Chapter 2 (2019): "Where did Pennywise’s collection tower go? The Losers find the door to go underneath the tunnels, and that’s in the same cistern where the tower of stuff was. So, did Pennywise just want to be nice and move it so they could get down there, or what?"

Closeup of Pennywise

16. Ma (2019): "This isn't a plot hole, but I will forever be baffled by the teens voluntarily going back to Ma's house after she made one of the boys strip and pulled a literal gun on him?! I know she claimed she was 'joking,' but GEEZ. Just how desperate for booze were they?"

Ma holding a gun

17. Pretty much everything about A Quiet Place (2018):

Screenshot from "A Quiet Place"

18. And finally: "In pretty much every horror movie, nobody even bothers to TRY using the light switch when entering a room. Just stop it already! It doesn’t add to the suspense; it just makes me care less about what’s about to happen."

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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