12 Big Differences Between Growing Up In The US And Growing Up In The UK That Are Actually Pretty Interesting

    No, Americans don't throw slushies at each other in the school hallway.

    1. In the US, you have to wait until you turn 21 to (legally) drink...

    While in the UK, you can head to the bars for a vodka and coke from 18.

    18 = drinks

    2. In the US, you can get your driver's license at just 16...

    Clueless driving meme

    But in the UK, you have to keep taking the bus until age 17.

    3. And while we're talking about buses, the yellow school buses in the US are simply iconic...

    school buses

    While the UK versions may not be so glam, it's a universal truth that the best seats are at the back.

    4. In the US, high school football is a big deal...

    Archie in "Riverdale" saying "epic highs and lows of high school football"

    But in the UK, you'd be lucky to get a few supporters wandering along to watch your match.

    5. Got a class party? Root beer floats (and root beer in general) are NOT a thing in the UK...

    But the prevalence of baked beans in your childhood depends on whether you grew up stateside or not.

    6. Most schools in the UK have a strict uniform policy...

    Whereas in the US, unless you go to a private school, you probably don't have to worry about uniforms.

    7. In the US, your high school graduation is a BIG deal — valedictorian speeches, cap and gowns, throwing diplomas.

    Bella Swan at "Twilight" graduation

    But in the UK, your graduation is basically just turning up to get your exam results. 🙁

    students getting test results

    8. In the US, it's not uncommon to have student "hall monitors" patrol the hallway in between classes.

    SpongeBob as hall monitor

    But in the UK? Nope, that just sounds weird!

    9. In the US, you basically spend all of high school getting excited for prom.

    While there are some proms in the UK, they're still not the big, fancy parties they are in the US.

    10. Pretty much every school has a mascot like a wolf or a bear or a tiger in the US. A student usually dresses up as the animal for pep rallies and games!

    Meanwhile, the closest you'll get to a school mascot in the UK is a goldfish or two.

    11. Pep rallies are a real thing in the US and they're a BIG deal. You'd better practice your school chant and get ready to sit in a smelly gym for an hour — yay, school spirit!

    But assemblies in the UK are a much more low-key affair.

    12. In the US, your final results are all about your GPA...

    But in the UK, your A Levels are individually graded from A* to E.

    Did any of these surprise you? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!