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    15 Students Who Hopefully Gave Their Teachers A Good Chuckle With These Answers

    These students understood the assignment.

    1. This brilliant loophole:

    2. This kid who definitely thought he got away with it:

    3. This very reasonable goal:

    4. This absolutely brutal honesty:

    5. This sibling who seems to hate sharing:

    6. This very logical answer:

    7. This student who simply did what they were asked:

    8. This reasonable response:

    9. This response that made me say, "DAMMMN":

    10. This student who simply knows her limits:

    11. This answer that's not technically wrong:

    12. This student who should get extra credit for creativity:

    13. This answer straight out of a philosophy book:

    14. This response that's at least self-aware:

    15. And finally, this parent who absolutely understood the assignment:


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