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    27 Dumpster Fire TV Moments That Never, Ever Should Have Happened

    Jingle Jangle is the only plausible explanation for some of these plots.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV storylines felt superrrrr forced. Here are some of the wild, boring, or just plain bizarre plots that fans hated:

    Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

    Note: #26 contains mentions of abuse.

    1. First, when Blaine dated Kurt's former bully, Karofsky, on Glee.

    Blaine and Karofsky tell Kurt they're dating

    "It was just something the writers tried to throw in as a callback to Karofsky’s earlier character arc, and it was such a cringe-fest to watch."


    2. When Emma became the Dark Swan on Once Upon a Time.

    Emma as the Dark Swan

    Suggested by: savannahg4e56476eb

    "Everything about it was so horribly executed. The 'no personality' acting for Dark Swan, the hair change and outfit, and just the whole storyline. What a mess!"


    3. When Izzie had sex with Denny's GHOST on Grey's Anatomy.

    Izzie hallucinates Denny

    "Nothing can top that for me!"


    4. When Luke found out he had a daughter and then kept it a secret from Lorelai on Gilmore Girls.

    Luke seeing April's science fair project: "Who is my dad?"
    The CW

    "It was so sloppy. Luke not telling Lorelai from the beginning didn't seem like something he would do — he was always an honest, no-bullshit guy. It was completely out of character."


    5. When the group got involved with Gryphons and Gargoyles on Riverdale.

    The CW

    "It was honestly the strangest thing I’ve ever seen."


    6. When Rachel and Joey dated on Friends.

    Ross walks in on Rachel and Joey making out

    "It just has to be said."


    7. When Quinn became temporarily paralyzed after a car accident on Glee.

    truck crashes into Quinn's car as she's texting and driving

    "It was just something to postpone Rachel and Finn's wedding. After she could walk again, it was never mentioned again."


    8. When Jaime went back to Cersei on Game of Thrones.


    "Anyone could see how much Jaime loved Brie and how Cersei’s hold on him had slipped after the Dragonpit. The actors did an amazing job, but it just made no sense."


    9. When Michael "died" and then came back with amnesia on Jane the Virgin.

    Rose explains how she faked Michael's death
    The CW

    "His 'death' was heartbreaking and felt like a cheap way to get Jane and Rafael together, and his return was just so forced and unnecessary. They really ruined Michael and Jane's relationship for no real reason. If you kill a character off, make it worth something! Don't bring them back for cheap drama that doesn't add anything to anyone's character."


    10. When Haley became pregnant with Dylan's twins on Modern Family.

    Haley and Dylan ultrasound

    "Haley finally did something she loved and realized her self-worth...but then the show brought Dylan back."


    11. When Landry and Tyra killed a guy and then covered it up on Friday Night Lights.


    "It felt so out of place for the show, was so unnecessary, and was just plain uninteresting."


    12. When Olivia was kidnapped on Scandal.

    kidnapper tapes Olivia's mouth shut and grabs her

    Suggested by: katie2117union

    13. When Jughead and Veronica kissed in front of Betty and Archie on Riverdale.

    Veronica suggests she and Jughead kiss; Jughead says it might be what they need to keep him and Betty from imploding in the future
    The CW

    "It was just weirdly forced and strange."


    14. When the Conners won the lottery, only for it to be revealed that the entire last season was just a dream on Roseanne.

    Roseanne says they won $108 million in the lottery

    "It ruined the whole show for me."


    Note: This storyline was retconned on the spinoff "The Conners."

    15. When Dean and Rory had an affair while he was married on Gilmore Girls.

    Rory and Dean about to sleep together
    The CW

    "It just felt unnecessary. Their whole 'second shot' was a disaster from start to finish like we all knew it would be."


    16. When Jackson and Maggie dated on Grey's Anatomy.


    "They were literally step-siblings and had absolutely zero chemistry or anything in common. It was the most forced storyline on the show."


    17. When Miles and Tristan decided to stay together at the end of Season 3 on Degrassi: Next Class.

    Miles admits he loved Lola; Tristan just says "okay"

    The final season could have focused on Tristan's recovery and further explored Miles' romance with Lola, but instead they chose to focus more on a relationship that had honestly run its course seasons ago. We were supposed to see them choosing to stay together as a sign of strength, but it honestly just screamed codependency and made me kind of sad for both of them. They broke up in the end anyways, so what was the point in dragging the relationship out?

    18. When Omar and Ander had MULTIPLE cheating storylines on Elite.

    Ander: "It was just sex"; Omar: "Can this not happen again?"

    "The fact that Omar cheated on Ander with Nadia's boyfriend and then there was a love triangle between Patrick, Omar, and Ander. Just...what the actual fuck?!"


    19. When Hyde randomly married a stripper on That '70s Show.

    Hyde and Samantha

    "She was a pointless character whose sole purpose was to break up Jackie and Hyde. Then she randomly went back to Vegas, so putting up with her character for half a season was worthless in the end."


    20. When Brooke and Nathan had a secret sex tape on One Tree Hill.

    Brooke and Nathan's old sex tape plays at a party
    The WB

    Out of all nine seasons, I don't think there's a storyline that pisses me off more than this one (although Pete Wentz dating Peyton is a close second). It was so clearly thrown in as a last-minute twist to make Brooke look bad and force her to forgive Peyton and Lucas. The whole storyline was just super sloppy and out of place.

    21. When Jess and Robby dated on New Girl.


    "I love New Girl, but this storyline was godawful. We knew after Season 5 that she still had feelings for Nick, but since he was with Reagan, they threw her together with Robby. They had zero chemistry, and then they turned out to be third cousins or something?! It was so bizarre, and they dragged it out for over half a season."


    22. When the boom operator, Brian, fell for Pam on The Office.

    Pam cries to Brian about her marriage problems with Jim

    "All of the Jim and Pam drama in Season 9 seemed very forced."


    23. When Amy randomly mentored a pregnant freshman, Kathy, on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.


    "It felt like whenever that show was running out of ideas, someone else would get pregnant."


    24. When Justin shockingly died of AIDS in the final episode of 13 Reasons Why.

    Clay holding Justin's hand as he's dying in the hospital bed

    It was wildly unnecessary, and it just seemed really cruel to kill Justin off after all of the character development he had gone through. It was absolutely pointless and only happened because they wanted to shock the fans. Justin deserved to go to college and heal from all of the trauma that he'd been through, not die for no reason!

    25. When Robert cheated on Cora on Downton Abbey.

    Robert cheats on Cora with the maid

    "Robert and Cora seemed like they had a genuine love and respect for each other. I feel like the Robert cheating plot was forced and created unnecessary drama just because the writers had nothing to do with the parent characters. Maybe I missed something, but I felt it added nothing to the characters or the plot of the show in general."


    26. When Jamie physically assaulted Jeanette on Cruel Summer.

    Jamie and Jeanette

    It felt like they only included this scene for shock value, and it was just really unnecessary and out of place. They were clearly trying to set Jamie up for a redemption arc towards the end of Season 1, but it was hard to look past his actions in the pilot and just made for a really inconsistent character arc. Plus, it made the timeline confusing and didn't really add anything to the overall mystery. It honestly should have just been cut altogether.

    27. And finally, the entire last season of Sherlock.

    Glass moment in "The Final Problem"

    "Sherlock having a secret sister was definitely not an arc that was needed, plus the teasing that Moriarty would somehow come back, the queerbaiting, the episodes making fun of popular fan theories, introducing Watson's wife only to have her needlessly killed right at the end..."


    Reminder that I, Kelly Martinez, do not necessarily endorse all of these submissions!!!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. Not all submissions were from Community users.