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    The Trailer For "Elite" Season 5 Is Here And Hoo Man, This Season Looks Wild

    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. #Elite

    It's that time again, Elite fans! Season 5 of the hit Spanish series will be streaming on Netflix starting April 8.

    The official, full-length trailer for this season just dropped,, there's SO much going on.

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    There's a ton to unpack and process here. So, in case you blinked, here's a breakdown of absolutely everything the trailer revealed:

     🚨 Spoilers ahead for the previous seasons of Elite! 🚨

    We start off with Patrick narrating, telling us about some party.

    Patrick saying, "This party is about being free, no prejudice, no rules, only for the brave"

    We see Phillipe (ugh, why is he still here again?) being all buddy-buddy and weird with some guy.

    Wait a damn minute. Who is Ari kissing here?!

    Meanwhile, here's Rebe living her best life. I highly doubt that bliss will last.

    Rebe dancing at a club

    Then, the trailer cuts to police cars arriving by a lake.

    If you zoom in, it looks like it's Omar standing here 🤔.

    There's also this shot of a rope under water, which could be connected to Armando's murder from last season.

    We see Samuel and Ari getting hot and heavy at the party, but Samuel looks a little distracted.

    ...maybe because he's getting arrested??

    Everyone is STRESSED.

    Four images of characters looking stressed out alone

    Benjamín (the principal and Ari, Mencía, and Patrick's dad) does not look pleased about the party.

    Benjamin saying, "What is this?" and Patrick saying, "Here's to disobedience!"

    We meet one of the new faces at Las Encinas.

    A blonde woman dressed in flamboyant clothing

    I'm not sure how I feel about her yet.

    Close-up of new character with the words, "Please fasten your belts!"

    And here's another new student. I guess his dad is famous and rich, but that's nothing new.

    A man with a teenager at an event and the words "Your dad is a football player"

    Patrick is, as per usual, set in his f*ckboy ways.

    Patrick saying, "He's new and must be warmly welcomed"

    Again with the shower scenes...

    Patrick and the new guy in the communal shower and Patrick saying, "People often get it wrong here"

    It looks like there might be trouble in paradise for Ari and Samuel. Who's this new guy?!

    Three images, one of Ari, one of Samuel, and one of a new guy smiling

    We're really gonna have to suffer through another season of Samuel and Ari drama, aren't we?

    Ari and Samuel having an intimate moment and the words "I want to be with you"

    Ugh, Phillipe is kissing the new girl from earlier...

    Cayetana asks the new girl if she's Phillipe's "shadow," and she just says "always." Um, OK?

    I guess Patrick and Omar are hooking up again, and Ander isn't writing Omar back. So much for Omander.

    Patrick and Omar in bed and Patrick saying, "Ander doesn't write you because you're a pain"

    Omar's texts to Ander make me very, very nervous.

    Omar looking at a phone with the words, "Message to: Ander: Where are you? Why aren't you answering?"

    It looks like there's trouble ahead for Mencía and Rebe, too. This show really said, "We refuse to let any couple be happy for more than two episodes."

    Mencia saying, "Sometimes I feel we're not meant to be together event though we are committed"

    More drama between Caye and the new girl.

    Benjamín tells Samuel he has "great plans for his future." Now Samuel is saying he's like a dad to him? IDK, I'm uneasy about all of this. I don't trust Benjamín.

    Benjamin saying, "I have great plans for your future, Samuel" and Samuel saying, "You're the closest I've had to a father"

    OK, yeah, there's definitely trouble in paradise for Ari and Samuel. Everyone on this show needs to be single for a while.

    Samuel saying, "I don't wanna disappoint you like you disappoint my father"

    Looks like Omar found a body in the lake. Not sure if it's Armando's or someone else's...

    Omar saying, "Who knew about this?"

    Patrick continues to be in his teenage rebellion era.

    Patrick saying, "My father might be in charge here but out there it's us"

    HOLD ON. That is not Mencía that Rebe is kissing here. And, uh, Mencía does not look happy.

    Caye walks past Phillipe looking upset.

    So that IS Samuel who was arrested.

    Samuel handcuffed and in custody

    Rebe and Omar are standing in the rain with bloody clothes.

    New guy has a point here, Patrick.

    New guy saying to Patrick, "You'll drive people crazy just to get what you want"

    WHOA. Things escalate really quickly at the Blanco house when Benjamín hits Patrick. This is not good.

    Patrick looking surprised and Mencia looking sad

    We don't see who Mencía is talking to here, but this doesn't look good. Note the red splatter on the wall. I'm pretty sure it's paint, but...

    Mencia saying, "Are you asking me to betray my family for you or for Samuel?"

    Samuel being escorted out by the police gives me Polo flashbacks. RIP.

    Aaaand Rebe is kissing someone else again. I can't quite make out who it is in the lighting, but it's a guy.

    Rebe kissing a guy at a club

    I hate it here!!!

    Rebe saying, "I really love you" and Mencia saying, "I don't know who to trust anymore"

    Here's one of the guys diving into the water.

    Omar looks distraught. I am once again worried about Ander!!!

    Phillipe is super worked up about something. Someone needs to tell this boy "stop" every five minutes, I swear.

    Omar dives into the water...

    And the final shot of the trailer!!

    Patrick with blood on his clothes

    Well, that was a wild ride! What are your predictions for Season 5? Who else is still mourning the end of #Guznadia? Tell us your thoughts and theories in the comments!