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    14 Times Dorota Was The Only "Gossip Girl" Character With Any Damn Sense

    "I de-friend Mr. Chuck on Facebook and in life."

    As entertaining as Gossip Girl is, let's be honest: Every character on that show would be pretty freakin' insufferable in real life.

    Blair says "If you're gonna be sad, you might as well be sad in Paris"

    Luckily for us, someone was around to keep these kids in check: Ms. Dorota Kishlovsky.

    Dorota with a crown over her head

    Here are 14 times Dorota was the only Gossip Girl character with any damn sense:

    1. When she casually dragged Blair for not being sure who the father of her baby was:

    Dorota says the best part of pregnancy is knowing who the father is

    2. When she knocked Chuck's ego down a few pegs:

    Dorota tells Chuck that if KGB can't get her to talk, he has no chance

    3. When she made it perfectly clear where she and Chuck stood:

    Dorota tells Blair she de-friended Chuck "in Facebook and in life"

    4. When she literally gave Blair a wake-up call:

    Blair refuses to get up and Dorota tells her "Club bed is over"

    5. When she reminded Blair to leave room for the Holy Spirit:

    Dorota tells Blair God is always watching

    6. When she had some helpful relationship advice:

    Dorota says "Love is like a head wound, it make you dizzy, you think you die, but you recover"

    7. When she was just super thrilled to be in the spotlight:

    Dorota says she feels special because Gossip Girl talked about her

    8. When she put Blair in her PLACE:

    Dorota tells Blair she has no friends

    9. When she had these kind, hopeful words to offer:

    Dorota tells the girls maybe someday they'll find true love and that hopefully their children won't be bastards

    10. When she knew exactly what she wanted:

    Dorota orders a vodka on the rocks, big glass, not too many rocks, three olives

    11. When she basically told Serena to get a life:

    Dorota tells Blair all she does is type on her laptop all day

    12. When she had some valid concerns over Blair not acting awful for once:

    Dorota says Blair is too happy and she's worried she joined a cult

    13. When she was hip™:

    Blair asks where she found these people and Dorota says she joined a few Facebook groups

    14. And finally, when she had this reaction to Blair saying she always thought she was Gossip Girl: