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    There Was A "Degrassi" Reunion And My Inner 14-Year-Old Is Jumping For Joy At All The Fun Facts We Learned

    "I don’t think shows like Sex Education or Euphoria would exist without Degrassi."

    This week, my teenage dreams came true when the cast of Degrassi: The Next Generation virtually reunited** for a special 20th anniversary panel at the ATX Television Festival, presented by Tubi!

    early "Next Generation" cast picture

    Degrassi is quite literally my favorite show of all time and was such a huge part of my teenage years, so of course I had to tune in and get all the behind-the-scenes details.

    meme of Leslie Knope meeting Joe Biden: "This isn't real," "No it's happening" with photoshopped Degrassi school over Joe's head

    Here are 27 of the biggest takeaways from the panel:

    Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

    1. The character Emma was named after the Emmy Award the show received for the Degrassi Jr. High episode "It's Late," which was originally broadcasted in 1987.

    baby Emma

    2. School's Out was originally supposed to be the end of the Degrassi franchise.

    Joey and Caitlin

    3. The line "You were fucking Tessa Campanelli" was originally supposed to be "You were bonking Tessa Campanelli."

    4. Lauren Collins, who played Paige, originally auditioned for the role of Ashley.

    Paige alongside Ashley

    5. And Adamo Ruggiero, who played Marco, originally auditioned for the role of Craig.

    Marco alongside Craig

    6. The cast said it was shocking to see the massive fanbase the show had in the US.

    7. Daniel Clark doesn't believe the fan theory that his character, Sean, died in combat.

    Sean and Emma before he leaves for the army

    8. Shane still has no idea what happened to Spinner's little sister, Kendra.

    9. Lauren joked that the films Degrassi Takes Manhattan and Degrassi Goes Hollywood aren't canon to her.

    Spinner and Emma wedding

    10. Executive producer Stephen Stohn said he would love to see a Spinner-Emma-Sean love triangle play out in a reboot.

    Sean and Emma kissing

    11. Munro Chambers and Aislinn Paul (Eli and Clare) played siblings in a movie before they were love interests on Degrassi.

    young Aislinn and Munro

    12. Aislinn's parents were on a couple of episodes of Degrassi before she began starring on the show herself.

    young Clare watching TV

    13. Munro Chambers said the famous bench scene between Eli and Clare was the first time he felt their chemistry really became apparent.

    Eli and Clare holding each other by bench in Season 10

    14. Shane said his least-favorite Spinner hairstyle was the "flock-of-seagulls hair flip."

    shaved side with long bangs on the other side

    15. Christina Schmidt, who played Terri, said she still receives messages from fans today telling her how impacted they were by the Terri-Rick abuse storyline.

    16. Christina also said that if there's ever a Degrassi reboot, she'd love to come back and re-enact the iconic scene of her and the ice cream boy.

    Terri: "I made 500 bucks today as a plus size model. What do you make, ice cream boy"

    17. Aislinn praised Jordan Todosey's portrayal of Adam, Degrassi's first transgender character and the first main trans character on TV.

    18. Jake met with mental health experts on set to help him portray Craig's bipolar diagnosis.

    19. Jake said he thinks the way Craig's character treated women probably "hasn't aged well."

    Craig with Manny and Craig with Ashley

    20. Jake also said that his scenes with Adamo were some of his favorite to film.

    21. When asked what their characters would be up to now, Luke said he thinks Drew is the principal of Degrassi and Shane said that Spinner is "probably the janitor."

    22. Munro is a big fan of the Netflix series Sex Education and thinks it has a lot of similarities to Degrassi.

    23. Aislinn said she felt 13 Reasons Why didn't do a good job of portraying teen issues responsibly in comparison to Degrassi.

    24. Linda has always been adamant about casting real teens to play teen characters on the show.

    Miles and Lola in "Next Class"

    25. Lauren said she hopes the show gets another reboot someday so her son can watch his own generation of Degrassi.

    26. Lauren also said that she thinks Degrassi has paved the way for modern teen dramas.

    season 14 "Degrassi" cast

    27. And finally, when asked if there's a possibility of a Degrassi reboot, Linda smiled and replied, "Who knows!"

    Emma and Liberty with Shay and Lola on "Next Class"

    Ugh, don't tease us with the possibility of a reboot unless you really, really mean it, Linda!! Click here to read our interview with Linda and Stephen, and stay tuned for more Degrassi news in the future!