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    I Rewatched The First Episode Of "Degrassi: The Next Generation" And Holy Cow, I Forgot How Dark It Was

    Manny Santos, my how you've grown.

    If you know me, you know that I'm a little obsessed with a show called Degrassi.


    Recently, I decided to rewatch one of the most iconic episodes — Mother and Daughter Reunion, aka the pilot of The Next Generation era. And let me just say...WOW, I completely forgot how dark this episode is.


    Here are all the thoughts I had rewatching the pilot:

    OMG, Manny and Emma are so little!!! Not gonna lie, it's a little weird watching this knowing everything that happens to them.


    You think your life is hard now? Wait until you get pregnant with Craig Manning's baby and catch an STI at the ravine.

    I swear every early '00s show had a very special episode™ about the dangers of meeting people from the internet. It's kind of wild to look back on this in the age of social media and dating apps.

    Manny: "omg Emma your online BF is so cute," obvious catfish picture

    Oh, here comes the theme song! 🎶 WHATEVER IT TAKES, I KNOW I CAN MAKE IT THROUGH...!!! 🎶


    Joey Jeremiah and Angie!!! For anyone who doesn't know, Angie and Manny are real-life sisters. She also came back to play the character Tori in Season 11.

    CTV / TeenNick

    Wow, my heart was not ready to see J.T. again — brb, gotta go cry real quick.

    J.T.: "I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare"

    This Joey and Caitlin reunion is so uncomfortable. Maybe you shouldn't have cheated on her in School's Out!, Joey.

    Joey: "remember when we dated?," Caitlin "remember when you were fucking Tessa?"

    We're only 10 minutes in and these kids are already making me wanna throw my shoe at the TV.

    Toby tells Emma meeting a stranger from the net is dangerous and Emma says he's not a stranger because he emailed her his picture

    Did kids back then actually say "the net"? I don't remember that EVER being a thing.

    So now Emma's going on and on about what a great boyfriend "Jordan" is and how excited she is to meet him. Manny is already gettin' real tired of her shit.

    Emma says Jordan's the best boyfriend she's ever had and Manny reminds her she's never had a boyfriend

    Emma's waiting to meet Jordan in a hotel lobby when this grown man comes up to her and introduces himself as Jordan's teacher, and — oh my god, he just invited her upstairs to meet "Jordan." RUN, EMMA, RUN.

    creepy man: "hello child, come with me"

    The first thing that popped into my head while watching Emma follow the creep into his room:


    Meanwhile at the grown-ups' high school reunion, some shit is going DOWN between Joey and Caitlin's fiancé, Keith. Caitlin is not amused.

    Joey and Keith fighting while Caitlin stares at them: "just here for the free booze"

    Okay, back to Emma! At this point, she's realized there is no "Jordan" and wants to get the hell out of here. Luckily, Toby, J.T., and Manny are on a mission to track her down and save her.


    I feel like I'm watching a weird, grisly version of Spy Kids.

    This is getting SUPER DARK. No wonder our parents didn't let us watch this show.

    creepy guy whispering in Emma's ear

    Oh thank god, the kids told Emma's mom where she is and now Spike and Snake are here to save the day! Wait, why didn't they get a key from the front desk or get security to open the door? They did NOT think this through.

    Spike and Snake pounding on door: "if only there was some way to open this"

    Emma made a break for it!!!!

    Emma runs out of hotel room, no thanks to Snake and Spike

    Alright, now we're back home. Emma's okay, everything's okay. Just a couple hundred more episodes of this!!!

    Emma and Spike hug: "don't ever do anything stupid again" "honey you've got a big storm coming"

    Well, that was QUITE the wild ride. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need a drink.


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