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Lola Pacini From "Degrassi" Is A Goddamn Icon, And It's About Time We Appreciated Her

Started Degrassi for Manny, finished it for Lola.

1. First of all, she could pull off just about any hair color and style. Yes, she could. Argue with the wall!

Lola pink and blue hairstyles throughout the seasons

2. And she always, always served the best outfits.

various cute Lola outfits from season 1

3. She was a supportive friend, but she still kept it real.

Lola tells Frankie she totally loves and accepts her other than her bad haircut

4. Even in her early days, she had some pretty iconic lines.

5. And she continued to dish the best quotes throughout Next Class.

Miles: "If all this food is Mexican what makes this place Argentinian?" Lola: "Me obviously"

6. She was the queen of Oomfchat (aka Snapchat). There wasn't a pose she couldn't pull off.

Lola making different poses on camera captioned "get you a girl that can do both"

7. She had the best comebacks.

Lola: "The guy whose hairstyle is 'needs a bath? Ew."

8. She struggled to let people in, but she also wasn't afraid to let herself be vulnerable.

Lola says she's been afraid of leaving her ever since her mom took off

9. Even though she could be insecure, she also knew her worth...

Lola says she's way out of Baaz's league

10. ...and don't you forget it!

lola calls out man after overhearing him saying he doesn't follow her on social

11. She spoke nothing but #facts.

Yael says wearing makeup is just giving in to the patriarchy, Lola says she does it for herself because it makes her feel good

12. Name a cuter human. I'll wait.

Lola and Miles making funny faces at each other

13. She immediately accepted Miles for exactly who he was.

Lola tells Miles she's cool with him being bisexual

14. And she was super supportive of Yael when they came out as nonbinary.

Lola: "If you're not all boy or all girl why should people refer to you like you are?"

15. She was very passionate about important issues.

Lola says 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size

16. She was messy in the first couple of seasons, but she grew to be a really good friend.

Lola says she won't give Shay the waitress job because she's terrible at it, but she'll loan her the money for the first month

17. But she also wasn't afraid to drag Frankie for absolute filth.

Frankie brags about partying on her dad's yacht and Lola responds, "Hashtag rich kid, and FYI, not a compliment"

18. She was an excellent listener and was always there for people when nobody else was.

Lola being there for Miles and Saad

19. She was courageous and not afraid to do what was best for her, even if other people didn't understand.

Lola talks about her abortion: "It might not be everyone's choice but it was mine and I'm not ashamed"

20. She had her priorities in check.

Lola makes Frankie ask for a pony for her birthday party

21. And finally, just look at how freakin' ADORABLE she is!


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