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    14 Tweets About Dan Humphrey For Anyone Still Not Over How Ridiculous "Gossip Girl" Was

    Me: I'm so bitter about how "Gossip Girl" ended. Also me: Time to rewatch for the sixth time!

    🚨Warning: Spoilers ahead!🚨

    If there's one thing Gossip Girl fans can all agree on, it's that Dan Humphrey being Gossip Girl makes NO DAMN SENSE.

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    You're telling me this man spread rumors about his 15-year-old sister's sex life and told everyone his girlfriend had an STD? Make it make sense!

    But Dan himself was also just a ridiculous character in general, and it's time we acknowledge this. Here are 14 funny tweets that sum up Lonely Boy:

    The CW


    I’m gonna rewatch gossip girl and make a definitive list of each moment that proves dan isn’t gossip girl and Im gonna get a Pulitzer in journalism for that


    Gossip Girl really tried to convince us Dan Humphrey was poor when he lived in a $2m Brooklyn loft and went to NYU


    Dan being gossip girl was such an accurate representation of how men be in women’s business unprovoked


    @eggshellfriend There’s so many scenes of Dan, completely alone, acting shocked and upset about gossip girl blasts. YOU’RE ALONE IN YOUR BEDROOM, DAN. Who you trying to convince ????


    the fact that anyone gave dan humphrey their attention still annoys me


    dan from gossip girl will never be an actor in his own right and no matter what other films or tv shows he’s in he will forever be dan from gossip girl thanks for listening to my ted talk


    just a reminder that Serena Dumbass Van Der Woodsen chose DaN hUmpHrY over Nate Archibald


    Remember when Hilary Duff had a threesome with Dan and Vanessa in Gossip Girl


    Picture this: the year is 2060,you’re happily married with 3 kids,6 grandkids & 3 dogs. Everything is perfect, except for ONE thing. It’s been eating away at you for years & years. You’re still asking yourself “how could dan really be gossip girl& why did we all just accept it?!”


    If you’ve seen GG you know this is literally Dan Humphrey just a million times worse


    is anyone constantly worried that dan humphrey is hiding in their shower


    Can’t fucking believe when I first watched gossip girl I didn’t fucking realise Dan Humphrey was gossip girl when he’s in the first fucking scene when we first see Serena I am so mad



    Gossip girl is the weirdest show because I’ve rewatched it from season 1 at least 4 times and still can’t get how Dan is Gossip Girl

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